Sara Blomqvist for Vogue Russia September

Sara Blomqvist wows in this editorial. The jewelry is amazing don’t you think?





My fall Zara wish list

Nobody on this blog knows that I am addicted to Zara. You know in Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly goes to Tiffany’s when she is sad ? Zara is my Tiffany’s. Even with thumping music , it’s a place where I can calm my mind and concentrate on what I really want my style to be and reflect on other things. I literally go once or twice a week , it’s kind of sad but not really. I went today and as usual , i needed everything. Although I did not walk out with a single shoe or trouser I did have a clear wish list in my mind. I really narrowed it down but these are the basics and then we all. Have to pray my birthday money can pay for all of this. Especially the boots , oh lord , the boots.









P.s : I know I totally contradicted myself in this post by showing a gorgeous trench coat when I said I hated trench coats but this one is army green so I need it. Imagine with the boots

Dark red

Did you see The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo? Apart from being a great movie (hello Rooney Mara!) it seems to have thoroughly inspired many makeup artist including Pat McGrath who did the makeup on the movie but also the makeup in many fall shows. The lips for fall have darkened and became a oxblood color , borderline plum in some cases. Matte formulas are best but a gloss over it just looks so goodI think it’s absolute perfection paired with a bare face and flawless skin.It is imperative that I try this as soon as it gets a little colder.




From top: Gucci , YSL and Rochas.

OMG Asos

Okay so during the summer I ordered my first two pieces from Asos. I was a tad skeptical because the clothes where so inexpensive and I was wondering how 20$ pants could look as good as the one’s I got did. From a price and value ratio , Asos is pretty good and their customer service is very helpful if anything goes wrong. What I didn’t like was that there is no phone number for customer service so you haved to e-mail your concerns. I though it would be bad but they answer really quickly so it was fine in the end. Now on to the exciting part. Asos released their FW collection and it is divine. The pieces are unique but simple , not over the top. Like in the case of most talented designers, everything is in the detail for this collection. The coats just make me want to fast forward into Winter so I could wear one of these. They also have a coat-jumper that is practically made for Montreal weather. I would jump into one of those any winter day. Because the price point is perfect and even greater when on sale , I think I should go for it.














Cartier juste in clou

I have fallen in love with the juste in clou line from Cartier.This collection of pieces have been around since the 70’s and they have been iconic since then. Versatile and modern, they can be everyday staples (say in the silver color) or the rose gold for a slightly more glamourous look. My favorites are the ring and bracelet in silver. Sidenote :don’t you think the gold one with the diamonds would be a very perfect engagement ring ? Future husband ,take note.



Wang looks good in the rain

I hate the traditional trench coat . I think it looks matronly , too Blair Waldorf circa season one of Gossip Girl ( now she looks great) . When I buy a coat or outerwear , it needs to be different since I need to wear it under a school uniform. A trench coat + uniform = way too preppy for me. And so , since I left my beloved ducky coat at someone’s house , I’m in the search for a replacement. This option from Alexander Wang’s fall collection is perfection . It’s edgy , it’s soft , it’s badass and it’s leather . What more could we want? The clear part on the hood makes for great visiblilty in the rain , one more reason to justify this purchase.

Photo from Alex Wang’s Facebook page