Knees , Boots and skirts

One of the many trends I plan to wear this fall is the boot and skirt combo.Although I was a bit skeptic and I’m not not not not over the Shelly boot from Wang , this trend is  definitely growing on me and I’m very seriously considering scouring the internet to find some dupes .  Seen on many runways for FW 2012  and also in W magazine’s checklist , its safe to say the knee high boot is making a come back . A far cry from Angelina Jolie’s pairings in Mr and Mrs Jones , this season boots have a rather robust heel and are the climax of the outfit. If you really want to be on trend , find one of these in oxblood ( Wang makes these but I can’t seem to find a photo) .

ImageThis picture above is what I call the Fall Boot Trifeca . From the left we have Alexander Wang , then Givenchy , then Isabel Marant. All would look fabulous if worn with a skirt that is either tight or flared out , but it must must must hit just above the top of the boot to let a sliver of skin freeze in the fall weather .


Above we have the perfect skirt pairings : the two on the top are from Givenchy and Topshop respectively and the two on the bottom are from Carven and Givenchy. My favorite for this look is the black leather Givenchy , but all would look the part.

The final look should be as fierce as these two ladies at Givenchy and Alexander Wang



Have I convinced you yet? Hope so


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