My fall Zara wish list

Nobody on this blog knows that I am addicted to Zara. You know in Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly goes to Tiffany’s when she is sad ? Zara is my Tiffany’s. Even with thumping music , it’s a place where I can calm my mind and concentrate on what I really want my style to be and reflect on other things. I literally go once or twice a week , it’s kind of sad but not really. I went today and as usual , i needed everything. Although I did not walk out with a single shoe or trouser I did have a clear wish list in my mind. I really narrowed it down but these are the basics and then we all. Have to pray my birthday money can pay for all of this. Especially the boots , oh lord , the boots.









P.s : I know I totally contradicted myself in this post by showing a gorgeous trench coat when I said I hated trench coats but this one is army green so I need it. Imagine with the boots



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