PFW: Balmain shows me what I want to wear to every occasion.

Last season Balmain showed beautiful and detailed baroque style pieces with such intricate beading . This season , if we look past the 80’s inspired shoulder pads , we have the perfect party dresses. Short but not skanky because they are simply too fashion to be skanky and (again) the most intricate details. I really think they should go into couture eventually. Mark my words , these dresses will be street style stars. Don’t you just picture these looks with disheveled hair and a smoky eye à la Marion Cotillard on the cover of Vogue Paris?





Zara makes my Alexander Wang dreams come true.

I posted a while back about the high boot trend and there was a picture of a pair of Alexander Wang pair of boots. By some act of god , Zara made almost identical boots for a fraction of the price . Alleluia! I need these now.


Acne Studios Cypress

I have a newfound obssesions for everything swedish. I really wish I could be the  icy stared and porcelained skin girl for Sweden (Think Daphne Groenveld , she has the swedsh look eventhough she is not). With this love for Sweden comes a love fror any swedish designer , such as Hope and Acne Studios. Acne has produced what in my opinion is the perfect Fall boot that will never go out of style . Oxblood if you want to be on trend, black if you want to wear them everyday , white for the peole who live in a non rainy/snowy area (read: not me) and camel for the western girl in us all. The heel looks so comfortable , I can just picture myself walking down some street in Stolkholm wearing Rag and Bone jeans , a Hope sweater and these boots.


Celine Tshirt DIY

So long long ago I promised a Celine Tshirt DIY. I have a tiny obsession with perfect basics lately so I decided to do this post after all . It’s really easy so do not fear just follow the steps

Step 1 :
You will need a pencil or something to write with , black acrylic paint or fabric paint , a small paint brush , tide to go , a cardboard and a white Tshirt . Mine is from a thrift store and it’s Puma.


Step 2. Insert your cardboard inside your Tshirt and it must be strait !


Step 3 : draw with your pencil the words “Celine Paris ” or whatever you want to write.


Step 4 : paint your traced letters with the paint and the paintbrush. At the end of your letters , make your paintstrokes show a little , it looks more authentic this way.


Step 5 : correct the writing that you did with a pencil that still shows with tide to go. Note : tide to go does not remove acrylic paint and look at your final look! Don’t wear until its really dry (let dry for like 2 hours before wearing and a day before washing)



Hope this was instructive ! If you have any questions or would like to see me wearing it in a outfit just leave a comment.

Put a hat on it …

As much as most of us hate to admit it , the cold weather is coming . I like to endulge in some nice warm pieces before I get to the “it’s so goddamned cold out I don’t want to move” pieces. This though, can easily be stylish in both situations. I was a little hesitant but then I though , hey if Mira and Elin do it , so can I . The best pick for me is a soft slouchy black or oxblood one…




Milla Jovovich for Vogue Italia

Since my father brought me back at least 10 pounds of magazines last year from Italy , I love vogue Italia. I find it so amazing that Steven Meisel has shot every cover for years and every time the ideas are fresh and diverse. This cover shoot is not the best styling but it’s sort of remarkable in a way that we just can stop looking at them . Besides , there’s no one like Linda.