Denis Gagnon vest is perfect for Fall…

I’m really exited for Fall. It’s by far my favorite season. The feeling of the crisp air in my lungs just really makes me happy. My favorite thing is , like many people who love fashion is that I can wear my nice boots without ruining them in the snow and I can wear great coats and vests. Speaking of great coats and vest’s here is one by an exceptional designer from Québec. He has a similar aesthetic to Alexander Wang because he really loves to use leather in his designs and has a very clean but interesting overall look. Not too shocking but just enough , just like Alexander Wang. But of course they are very different because Denis is Denis  and Alex is Alex.

I’m really loving this vest for those days where it’s just a little chilly . I saw this one in the store and the fabrics ( wool and leather) really make a good combination and kind the color is right on the militairy trend. I would pair this with a nice oxblood sweater underneath it , nothing too heavy .



You could also pair it with this sweater , also from the Denis Gagnon FW collection.

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