Montreal fashion week …






A few photos from tonight at Montreal Fashion Week. I took a few pictures of well dressed women but most of them turned out bad except the one of the girl in the red dress. I don’t know of you can tell but she was beautiful , very kind about a 14 year old taking her picture and her dress was structured to perfection. The girl with the circular head piece is a model for Marie Saint-pierre, also a very known designer from Montreal. It was hard to take pictures ,next year I’ll come better equipped for you guys to see why it really was like ! I came to see the Denis Gagnon show , which I will review tomorrow as it was my first real fashion show (!) . I was a lovely experience , I even got my makeup done at the cover girl counter!
Now it is imperative that I sleep , this fashion week thing is exhausting!
p.s : girl in red if you are reading this :thank you !


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