My plan for NYFW

This fashion week , I have a plan. On my old blog , I used to review all the shows I thought were interesting. Now thats all well and great but I realized getting a feel for the collection and giving a well rounded review of a show is really about the over all experience (e.i : being there ). Since I’m not attending any shows in NYC (sad face) I will everyday , today being day one ,give the look out of all the shows I though was the best and why. Then , at the end of fashion week , I’ll show you my top ten favorite looks. I just think its useless for me to copy exactly what vogue , and all the other fashion websites have already published. Don’t you think? Without further ado , here is my favorite look of the day .


BCBG ss 2013

This look is just too good . The black and the subtle lace and beige cutout is great for people who don’t necessarily want to wear pastels all summer long . Did you see her hair? I’m still not over it . It has the perfect texture and cut .

So what do you think ? I keep the look of the day system ? I think it’s a good concept I can keep after fashion week …
Xx G
P.s : I saw on the Wang website that we can watch the show live . I’m also curious to see this years cage design for FNO.



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