I really need to calm down about the Alexander Wang show

Okay  before I say anyting about this , please watch the video .


Now that you have done that can we all mutually agree that he owned it ? To me Alexander Wang just gets better and better and gets to know the “Alexander Wang girl ” better . I love that each season , he dresses the same type of woman but in a slightly different way . He may always bring something new to the table but you can always reconize his work. Even the music is so him , the way it’s slightly annoing but then again makes you want to walk up and down the street just pounding the pavement dressed in head to toe Wang. He always nails the accesories aswell, don’t those strappy heels just scream “spend your month worth’s rent on me!” ? I think we can all agree that the glowy finale was the most badass moment in all of fashion week so far ( am i the only one that notice Hanne Gabby Odiele sort of dancing before everything goes glowy?)


Jac and Erin Wasson dressed in head to toe perfection . Erin had my favorite look for the night.

Goodnight !



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