It’s the weekend so , I leave you with the weekend outfit queen.

I’m so glad fashion week is over. It was lovely of course, seeing all the shows on , but it’s hard to keep up especially if you are like me and are just looking at the shows online. The thing is I’m so not in a summery mood and I just can’t get inspired by beautiful fall clothing even if they are well, beautiful. Don’t get me wrong , I love fashion week ,looking at street style photos and wishing I was there to witness another Alexander Wang success but I’m sort of over it today . Trust me though , once the shows in Paris start I’ll love it all over again and pray every night for the fashion god to mercy me and send me to Paris . All that to say , the weekend being here and inviting me to read books , blog and drink tea feels so good. I think in this said blessed weekend , I should wear something like Emmanuelle Alt. Eventhough she is not as adorned with jewels as Anna Dello Russo or as much as a street style star as Miroslava Duma, she’s just so french and nonchalant I can’t resist. Always a perfectly balanced look of windy hair , skin tight pants , pointy pumps and a oversized jacket . Therefore , I’ll be emulating her this weekend.





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