Celine Tshirt DIY

So long long ago I promised a Celine Tshirt DIY. I have a tiny obsession with perfect basics lately so I decided to do this post after all . It’s really easy so do not fear just follow the steps

Step 1 :
You will need a pencil or something to write with , black acrylic paint or fabric paint , a small paint brush , tide to go , a cardboard and a white Tshirt . Mine is from a thrift store and it’s Puma.


Step 2. Insert your cardboard inside your Tshirt and it must be strait !


Step 3 : draw with your pencil the words “Celine Paris ” or whatever you want to write.


Step 4 : paint your traced letters with the paint and the paintbrush. At the end of your letters , make your paintstrokes show a little , it looks more authentic this way.


Step 5 : correct the writing that you did with a pencil that still shows with tide to go. Note : tide to go does not remove acrylic paint and look at your final look! Don’t wear until its really dry (let dry for like 2 hours before wearing and a day before washing)



Hope this was instructive ! If you have any questions or would like to see me wearing it in a outfit just leave a comment.


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