Back to basics.

I hate the fact that women feel the need to always make things more extravagant than they really are. I hate the exageration that lives in women’s lives today . I hate the fact that  some women feel the need that they  must , in order to look feminine , wear the most perfume possible , have the highest heels and the thickest push up bra . Why do they haved to smother themselves? Feminity is not something that is worn , it’s something in you , it’s your comfort with who you are and what you are . It’s making simplicity chic. No layers of liptick can make you more elegant. That is why I love minimalist fashion , because I think a woman will look the best wearing something simple, cut perfectly in the most adequate fabric. In order to master effortlessness you must be effortless and wear things that make you feel strong . You can let yourself be strenthened by fashion only if you are not consious of your efforts to look good . Loosing this perpetual consciousness if what elegance is. All that being said , these pieces are to me what would be a perfect outfit. Simple, minimalist , dark and careless.



1. The perfect black longsleeved t-shirt. Soft and casual , of course from T by Alexander Wang.

2. Dark wool pants from APC  , dressed up with pointy pumps, dressed down with heeled  booties.

3. Oversized menswear inspired coat from Proenza Schouler , perfect for those  cold winter nights.

4.Stuctured bi-color bag from Zara that goes with everything

5 . Low-heeled boots that give a little height to everyday from Acne.


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