A fur jacket is the warmest thing one can wear. No doubt about it . I don’t believe in all that “but we need to save the environment by not wearing fur ” blablabla because it simply makes no sense. A fur jacket is , yes, an animal but , it is a material that is recyclable and lasts forever. I’m positive that your faux fur vest made of petro-chemicals is not recyclable and will not last a lifetime , as real fur will. I’m not saying killing animals is worth it. I’m just saying if you eat meat or wear leather there is no difference and my minimal scientific knowledge tell me that non recyclable fabric is much more damaging to the environment than a biodegradable piece of fur. But an environmental debate is not the point of this post but convincing you to look effortlessly chic while wearing fur is. Although fur may make you think of your grandma, there are many ways that you can look past that. I short or down to the knee fur coat or vest is to me a very modern look paired with nice basics and wispy hair. Pull out a Gauloise, kiss people on the cheeks, wear a short fur coat and you are instantly a chic Parisian. And how could you resist when these streetstyle girls look so good wearing it?







  1. I don’t know what to say really…but I do get what you mean by it being recyclable and you have it forever really. But for me personally I don’t think I could ever buy a real fur item…probably because I can’t afford it haha 🙂 but no yea just thinking about the animals that were killed it kinda puts me off. But I do know that everyone has their own opinion 🙂

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