Whyred and other Swedish obsessions

My most recent endeavor in fashion recently is Swedish clothing brands. So maybe it’s not completely recent since I have been loving Swedish blogger Elin Kling’s blog for 2 years but I had not known that here were so many great Swedish brands that fell into the kind of pieces I love : minimalist basics. Brands including Filipa K, HOPE and Whyred create some of the most perfect everyday pieces. I am most impressed right now with Whyred , though , because I just noticed that they have an array of soft , cashmere or wool-blend sweaters that just look so tempting right now since the weather in Monteal is getting colder and colder. And then it happened. I wBlogger’s Wardrobe. Not only do they sell mostly Swedish designer goods but , they have a huge lineup of hand picked bloggers , some of them with amazing minimalist fashion blogs(!). Needless to say , I was exited.

The perfect oversized turtle neck from Whyred , available here

P.s : If you have a minimalist fashion blog let me know in the comments , I would love to check them out.



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