Come as you are

I just got my December issue of W magzine and I found this editorial. I love the decor around the models , this kind of 70’s tacky office look . I can’t even pinpoint the aesthetic of the styling of Marie-Amelie Sauve, sort of androgynous but yet ornate and very texturized.









Photographs by Craig McDean for W magazine featuring models Jamie Bochert , Natasha Poly, Kristen Owen and Maria Bradley.

Happy Friday!


What will Wang do next?


I found out this morning on Fashionista probably the most exiting news I have read in a while. It was announced today that Alexander Wang could possibly be Nicholas Ghesquières’s successor as designer for the french couture label , Balenciaga. Although this is not completely confirmed , I think that this would be such a great move. As long as his own label still exists. Balenciaga really needs to re-gain it’s past relevance and bringing the king of cool Wang in would really give them the push they need. While Alexander Wang and Balenciaga have a very different aesthetic , Balenciaga being structured and very french and Wang being so New-York-Girl cool , slouchy and atheletic , I think a mix of his effortless silhouette’s and Balenciaga’s parisian flair would be a perfect match. I am , as many people are , very intrigued by how this will develop and exactly what Wang will do.


My face is now ready for winter.

Rare are the times I babble about beauty products. Why? Because I’m a shame to the cosmetics industry.I know pretty much nothing about makeup. But one thing I care about is ,well , skincare. I have been using Clinique products for years but I just became fond of this product this year when my mother gave my her pot of it claiming she hated it. As you can see , this product is not for everyone. It is very moisturising , but yet absorbs into the skin so fast and leaves it super soft. I slather this on before bed and in the morning , and at any other time of day in the winter when my dry skin needs it ( I have a small travel bottle). Don’t use too much though , or your skin may feel a little too moisturised. It’s my way to getting dewy skin , topped with some highligter on the cheekbones.

Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief

Goodnight !

Stella McCartney and her BFA

Stella McCarteney tweeted a few hours ago about her recent win of the Designer Of The Year award at the British Fashion Awards. Stella I think was the most relevant british designer this year ( although Sarah Burton could have also taken the prize home). McCarteney is one of my favorite designers , she always presents unique collections that are never over the top and very wearable , unlike Sarah’s designs for McQueen. I can defenetly see why she was the favorite , she’s been dressing fashion and pop culture’s most relevant personalities throughout the year.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces she has created in the past year . Congratulations Stella!




The embassador of british style Kate Moss wearing a Stella mini dress and it-girl Anna Ziourova clad in FW 2012 most coveted dress.




WeeklyWang: Objects.

I don’t know how I diden’t know about this before but , Wang has a little collection of normal objects you would typically have around your house. You can now indulge in Wang-infused notebooks and ashtrays.Eventhough these items are a little pricey , I would maybe bike a little more often if I had this bike lock.  And a bike without purple tacky stars and hearts. My repulsive bicycle aside ,I would be so glad to find one of these pieces under my tree.



Hope this brightened up your Monday !






These photos illustrate exactly how I have been feeling lately . I’ve just been in one of those moods where all I want to do is drink coffee and sit quietly. This simplicity also sort of took over my wardrobe , all I have been wearing is soft and loose , easy. “Less is more” is relevant in so many ways, most of all sartorially. I think you can find simplicity in all things , you just have to try to let go a little.
I hope you are letting go a little this weekend , being just a tad lazy .

All photos of Julia Nobis by Cara Stricker for RUSSH


Plaid shirts.

And pants . And jackets. And sheer plaid. So you probably know already from previous posts that I am not a super colorful dresser. Neutrals and shades are kind of my thing. Recently I was browsing on and I kind of re-fell in love with Dries Van Noten’s SS 2012 collection. At first glance I was thinking “no thank you Dries”. But these past weeks of cold weather sort of , well , warmed me up to the idea . Since I am so predictable , I tend to appreiate darker plaids better. For shirts , I need them to be dark and oversize , the plaid shirt from J. Lindberg is exactly what I need. Also , I really like a sheer plaid chemise if I felt a little daring and wanted to wear plaid pants aswell. Having a different texture for one of the pieces of the same print in an outfit is a good way to mix prints without looking overdone.

Plaid power from Dries Van Noten


A perfect oversized plaid shirt from J.Lindberg you can find here


Plaid overload from Zara



Good Fashion Films Are Rare…

I have a newfound intrest in filmaking . I was always intrested in photography but I really became intrested in film by watching Sofia Coppola movies and old italian movies, some of those are still my favorite movies that I can watch over and over again. I think fashion and films can intertwine so well , since I think that the clothes say a lot about the caracter.Here are a few fashion films I love watching and I also find that every time I watch these , I get inspired either fashion-wise or film-wise.

Withdrawal for Grey Magazine

Vogue Paris girls

Gia Coppola – From London with Love

The tale of a fairy – Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

I realised whilst choosing some of these that they are less about the clothes and more bits and pieces of inspiration. The Vogue Paris video isen’t all that good , but kind of really entertaining .


I found dress perfection.

We are all well aware that the holidays and creeping up on us. Personally , it’s my favorite time of the year because there are so many parties to go to and it’s okay to wear something formal. I think you guys could see this coming on , but I found the dress. Last month , I saw this dress on Elin Kling’s blogbecause it’s from her collection for Marciano and I kind of fell in love . Minimalist , black mesh and a slit near the leg , what’s not to like ?


This dress and other pieces available here
Happy Monday!