In the men’s


My venture in the HM’s men’s section today started of by me wanting to check out the new Martin Margiela collection. Kind of disappointed by the collection ( too expensive , none of the thngs I wanted were left,some pieces where dirty) , I headed up the escalator to the mens section. The mens section always gladly surprises me whenever what I’m looking for dosen’t seem to exist in the women’s wear .Slightly oversized black turtlenecks ? Check. Simple black scarves ? Sometimes , the only way to shop for perfect basics in the typical high street stores is heading in to the mens section. It’s kind of my trick to a streamlined and minimalist look. Here is a little list of the things I like to stock up on…

1. T-shirts : long sleeves , short sleeves , v neck , crew neck . Whatever you want , loose fit mandatory.
2. Turtle neck sweaters : For some reason I’m having a really hard time finding a loose fitting and thin black one that’s not too expensive . The men section in H&M had some (!)
3. Scarves ,hats ,gloves : women’s winter accesories are never big enough and have weird pompoms. Men’s on the other hand , do not.
4. Oversize white button downs : Acne makes perfect ones but I can’t justify the price. H&M on the other hand makes some for 20$

Happy shopping!
Photo above from Vogue Paris


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