Plaid shirts.

And pants . And jackets. And sheer plaid. So you probably know already from previous posts that I am not a super colorful dresser. Neutrals and shades are kind of my thing. Recently I was browsing on and I kind of re-fell in love with Dries Van Noten’s SS 2012 collection. At first glance I was thinking “no thank you Dries”. But these past weeks of cold weather sort of , well , warmed me up to the idea . Since I am so predictable , I tend to appreiate darker plaids better. For shirts , I need them to be dark and oversize , the plaid shirt from J. Lindberg is exactly what I need. Also , I really like a sheer plaid chemise if I felt a little daring and wanted to wear plaid pants aswell. Having a different texture for one of the pieces of the same print in an outfit is a good way to mix prints without looking overdone.

Plaid power from Dries Van Noten


A perfect oversized plaid shirt from J.Lindberg you can find here


Plaid overload from Zara




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