What will Wang do next?


I found out this morning on Fashionista probably the most exiting news I have read in a while. It was announced today that Alexander Wang could possibly be Nicholas Ghesquières’s successor as designer for the french couture label , Balenciaga. Although this is not completely confirmed , I think that this would be such a great move. As long as his own label still exists. Balenciaga really needs to re-gain it’s past relevance and bringing the king of cool Wang in would really give them the push they need. While Alexander Wang and Balenciaga have a very different aesthetic , Balenciaga being structured and very french and Wang being so New-York-Girl cool , slouchy and atheletic , I think a mix of his effortless silhouette’s and Balenciaga’s parisian flair would be a perfect match. I am , as many people are , very intrigued by how this will develop and exactly what Wang will do.




  1. OMGH!! I don’t know if I love it or I’m kinda like, OMGH!!WHAT WILL HAPPEN!! 😀 But he’s more of a minimalist?? I think But sometimes he can surprise you But Can Balenciage be like that?? mmm.. Thanks for the info!

    • He can but so is Balenciaga so I think they will go well to each other . Also Wang’s persepective would add a young aspect to Balenciaga. Im exited to see what happens…

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