proenza-schouler-resort2013-runway-04_114108170470[1]I have earlier this year confessed my love for Proenza Schouler , but this for me is far more exiting than the PS1. In the search for perfect denim , I discovered this pair from Proenza Schouler.It seems like every piece Jack and Lazaro make reaches ­”it”  status and these are not any different. They have the perfect wash , the slouchy look I have beem searching for and the lenth is perfect for pairing with pumps. In the words of the infamous Rachel Zoe , I DIE.



A year of Amyline

Since 2012 is coming to a end , I put together fragments of my favorite model , Amyline Valade’s editorials. To me, she has this beauty , so pure and real. Amyline is my idea of a french woman , the one who wears no makeup, has sharp features and effortless Birkin-like hair. Apart from her piercing blue eyes , she has a perfect bone structure , the bone structure of a woman who will not only be beautiful in her youth but also as time passes. A timeless french beauty who exudes strength , as well as effortless charm.







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Happy New Year ! Thank you so much for reading , commenting and subscribing to this blog! It overjoys me to know I can share my passion with you and we can together kindle our common interests and discoveries.

What I’m wearing…

I had spotted this dress a while ago , had tried it on even if it’s not really the type of piece I usually like , I fell in love with the materials used. The lace top part is soft and intricate that it fits so well with  the leather peplum. This is probably the only time you will witness me talking about a peplum , because this is not usually territory I explore , but this one is kind of tame and the dress would be weird without it so I made a exception. For New Year’s , I’m thinking of pairing  it with these and my face hopefully looking some thing like this. Hopefully.



Hope you have picked out your outfit for NYE!


Inspiration: Legs on legs on legs.

From Altuzarra to Alexander Wang , a recurrent piece in a few spring collections have been gladiator heels. Although I’m not mentally ready to think about summer yet , I love the way this looks. I love the more modern piece from Wang , I think to make this outfit work the sandal should be minimalist and structures, a new take on the gladiator sandal.Flat gladiators are a bore , but any of these are far from that.

Alexander Wang and Haider Ackerman , respectively.



Hope you guys had a merry Christmas , full of friendly faces and treats!

Melissa Tammerijn lensed by Nagi Sakai

Majestic and pure are two words that I feel describe best this editorial shot by Nagi Sakai. Melissa T  is  effortless and elegant , put toghether ,womanly but kind of out of this world with her porcelain skin and sharp features. Something tells me this will be a very head-to-toe white summer…


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Melissa Tammerijn for Harpers Bazaar Spain shot by Nagi Sakai.

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I’m so exited about Christmas! I still have no idea what to wear though…

Happy Holidays!



Yesterday while christmas shopping , I went into one of my favorite stores , M0851. Amongst the warm parkas and little leather wallets , I found this buttery soft hold-all bag. The part that I like the most is the minimal design and authenticity of each piece. The thickness of the leather really makes it sturdy , so it’s a perfect balance of practical and stylish.
Visit the M0851 boutique


Meghan Collinson for Russian Vogue

I feel like I have been gone so long , I’m so sorry! I was finishing up my midterms and I had no free time. So , if you can forgive me , here is a editorial for Russian Vogue with Meghan Collinson. This girl is one of my favorite new models, she’s unconventionally beautiful , soft and edgy. The lighting in this shoot makes me swoon , it’s so flattering.




Now , let’s go christmas shopping. I have so many gifts to buy and no time . Yay!


Finding your signature scent is hard, but it is one of those things that you just know. . A woman in my opinion should always have a dab of perfume on , even when there is no one around. For me , misting some Gucci Guilty onto my neck and wrists is just as primordial as brushing my teeth. Picking my perfume according to my mood is not my thing , I like to be consistent with my scents. Guilty came out a few years ago, since then I’ve been hooked and I’m almost finished my second bottle. The truth is I would love for a unique Jo Malone cologne with notes of bizarre herbs and fruits to be my perfume but honestly , Guilty smells better. With soft notes of mandarin and and amber , it’s endearing but not overpowering. And since I just saw some rollerballs of this scent at Sephora , it could make for a charming little stocking stuffer.



What do you wear?

Monday Inspiration : Asia

Tokyo , Shanghai , Seoul and Hong Kong have been the biggest source of inspiration to me and also ,to the fashion industry . I am fascinated by the modernity and fast-paced rythm of these cities. Also , it’s no secret that asian models ( Fei Fei Sun, Shu Pei , Liu Wen …) are the new it girls. Their beauty is so fresh and clean , but yet very modern and versatile. Even brands like Acne and Alexander Wang are settling into the asian market ( Tokyo and Beijing , respectively). Asia is now and the future , but you probably knew that.

These photos are not mine ,I would credit them but honestly there are just too many so iftheseare yours , tell me! Some are old editorials from various magazines , others just pictures I found.
Hope you get inspired by these as much as me.











I was so happy a few days ago when I found my old Nars Volga lipstick. I had sort of lost it this summer (shame on me!)but now we are reunited so it’s all good. Volga is that perfect matte darl cherry lipstick that is pretty much everywhere now. Contrary to what you might think ,this is the most versatile lipstick I own because it is so matte. If you tab it on with your finger and add lip balm on top , you get that just bitten , stained look. To get a dark cherry hue , use a lip brush with more product. If you are going to any parties this holiday season I would say pair a dark lip with a little of eye contour with MAC Copperplate matte shadow , curl your lashes (no mascara please) and add a little liquid highlight to the high planes of your face.


My recreation of this look : Lip Nars Volga / MAC Copperplate / Nars Copacabana illuminator

Photo via Vogue Paris November 2012

Happy Sunday!