Finding your signature scent is hard, but it is one of those things that you just know. . A woman in my opinion should always have a dab of perfume on , even when there is no one around. For me , misting some Gucci Guilty onto my neck and wrists is just as primordial as brushing my teeth. Picking my perfume according to my mood is not my thing , I like to be consistent with my scents. Guilty came out a few years ago, since then I’ve been hooked and I’m almost finished my second bottle. The truth is I would love for a unique Jo Malone cologne with notes of bizarre herbs and fruits to be my perfume but honestly , Guilty smells better. With soft notes of mandarin and and amber , it’s endearing but not overpowering. And since I just saw some rollerballs of this scent at Sephora , it could make for a charming little stocking stuffer.



What do you wear?


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