Lang vs. Wang?

Forgive me for saying this but, I was not impressed with Wang’s Pre-Fall collection. Maybe he was just a little distracted from his new gig at Balenciaga (are you as exited as I am?). I just though it was bleak , something we had seen before . But Helmut Lang on the other hand was one of my favorite Pre-Fall collections. The tailoring is relaxed but polished , not stuffy. The fabrics are black/grey/white , my favorite color scheme and the fading keeps it from looking bleak.My favorite piece is probably the dress with a grey-black dégradé and beautiful draping. I have always thought that back-baring dresses are the epitome of elegance , showing just the necessary amount of skin. Eventhough Wang’s pre-fall was weak , I am sure he has created marvels for the up coming seasons at Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.





P.S : Have you guys been keeping up with the couture shows? I’m kind of behind but I have a few I really want to look at.


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