Wanglenciaga : a parisian newyorkaise






Alexander Wang’s much anticipated first collection was definitely, worth the wait . Wang’s usual downtown roughness was toned down with the parisian’s brands classicism, upgrading Cristobàl Balenciaga’s familiar rounded theatrical cuts to modern cocoon coats. The cracked marble effect was a recurrent theme , from the runway to most of the pieces. As predicted , the show was in a much more intimate venue and less of a conceptual spectacle then Wang’s usual show , but that only emphasized the simple beauty of the clothes. My favorite pieces where the marble inspired pumps, again a reconstructed classic silhouette .Looks like the edgy urban Wang girl has grown up into a proper( but still effortlessy cool) parisienne.

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jacket-596x494 tumblr_mcgw3f3Bqm1qgx5a3o1_r1_1280 _ON_1258.450x675 DRI_4717.450x675

Currently I have been really gravitating towards thin stripes and tailored pants. I love how effortless the look paired with more casual pieces ( sandals , tank tops , loose shirts) , sort of cuts down the walI-street-banker look. I just recently bought some on ASOS and even if they are wool , I am still wearing them, even when it will be 25 degrees celcius out, although that seems inconcevable since there is literally a slushy blizzard outside. You have probably noticed that complaning about the weather is a recurrent theme on this blog, sorry but I am not done just yet!

Happy Spring break , my last day was today !Later skaters !


images BLK DNM , and style by kling

Beauty at Prada


Sometime’s the best thing about fashion week are the beauty looks. It definitely was the case at Prada ,while the show was amazing , I could not stop looking at Katherine McNeil. Perfect wet-look short hair? Check. Cherry stained lips? Check. I don’t think there is another look  I would rather wear this summer then this wet look, paired with a little dab of lipstain. Easy peasy right?Yes.

Does it show I am really craving sunlight , heat and summer right now?

Get the look with :


Redken’s Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam 

Redken’s Diamond Oil Shatterproof shine


Outlast Lipstain

Hope you try this!


Matière Noire : Studio






Yesterday I had the chance to visit Cécile from Matière Noire‘s studio. We talked for about an hour and she showed me the pieces we saw in her show. I quickly noticed the great attention to detail , from isometric pleats to strategically placed zippers. Raw materials contrasting with silk draping make the clothes have a very urban and wearable aesthetic. She also shared with me her mood boards and sketches , what inspires her . She said that she finds a lot of inspiration from the austerity of the amish culture and also , the elements that surround us , which explains the sand pouring procession during her presentation. One of my favorite pieces was a beautiful silk midi-length dress with a cotton miniskirt over it , a great combination of textures. In fact , texture and contrast are probably the words that describe Matière Noire best.

Now , I’m off to a little shoot , I can’t wait to share that with you!






This editorial shot by Mario Testino was greatly anticipated in both the fashion and music industry, and I completely understand why. When you have Kate Moss and Rihanna on the same images , you should not expect any less. V magazine has been publishing great editorials recently and this one is just one of them. I only have one thing to say : those eyes
Hope this inspired your Saturday (and/or made you a teensy bit jealous)

Images via V Magazine

Kati in WSJ





The only thing all white right now in Montreal is the weather since the snow has been falling in a way tourists would probably think is romantic for the past 24 hours . But when it’s been snowing since November , it gets sort of irritating when all I want to do is look as clean crisp and summery as Kati Nescher does in these images. I am not always fond of studio pictures because I think they don’t always make the pieces look as good but in this case , I think the all white set makes the clothes look even better. Kati looks so youthful and fresh in these crystal clear images , maybe because apart from wearing Alexander Wang , Comme des Garçons , Balenciaga and Givenchy ( hello , dream team!) , the bleached out color scheme makes her features more prominent. If it wasn’t clear enough , I want white in my wardrobe , not in my weather forecast!
This editorial is definitely going in my inspiration file for Sunday’s shoot with Maureen , more on that later!


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This samouraÏ- like skirt from Zara is the newest edition to my closet , I received it as a a gift for Valentine’s day( proof that he knows me well!). Zara’s Spring collection is filled with affordable pieces that are also good quality , I have a hard time not wearing Zara head to toe sometimes. The texture mixing on this skirt is what makes it so interesting , I like to wear it with a simple loose t-shirt and pumps.

Happy Monday!


New pieces: ASOS&rings


// Sleek gold rings :ASOS //

About two weeks ago I was browsing on one of my favorite inexpensive shopping websites, ASOS and I came across the perfect cheap dupes for Balenciaga’s ring-on-every-finger look from Ghesquière’s last collection at the french fashion house. I am not sure how long hey will last , certainly not as long as the real one’s but for the price-quality ratio , these are pretty damn fine. I like to pair them with some of my own rings , one that is supposed to look like a Cartier clou I got as a gift and another my mother lent me ( sort of a permanent loan though) .

Happy Saturday!

Hunter and Gatti and Zhang oh my!





I find the mixing of mediums in these images by Hunter and Gatti quite inspiring , a perfect mixture of abstract art and photography. I love the way the painting does not interfere with the photos and vice versa , they just seem to compliment and complete each other. The contrast between sheerness and opacity is very well done and the way the model’s face sort of peers through the busy painting without swallowing it is beautiful.Juxtaposing abstract painting with fashion is basically the yellow brick road to my heart.

Happy Friday , hope this inspired you for the weekend


Images forFlaunt Magazine , from Fashion Gone Rogue

Leather tweed and chains at Proenza Schouler




Proenza Schouler always has one of the strongest collections of New York fashion week , always finding the middle ground between the art of crafting beautiful clothing and wearablity. I found that in this season , they found this balance by defining the different textures with a minimalistic design. I think the fact that they are a team of designers instead of just one person makes them have a more open outlook in the creation process , they seem to always be striving to create a different texture to materials like tweed and leather . These tweed pieces , instead of being woven in wool , they where woven with thin leather strips and the laser cut dresses where cut using some kind of ultasonic welding process. With all the chains , leather and thick shapely fabrics , the collection exuded a very industrial new york vibe but the peeks of peach softened the aesthetic. Overall , it somehow trumps last seasons amazing collection.
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