Fashion Week Prep: Ideally

I am attending one event in Montreal’s fashion week tomorrow and I’ll tell you guys as soon as possible how it was but until then , I have put together my ideal fashion week survival outfit for those venturing to NYFW or MFW . A perfect mix of cozy , warm and practical without being unattractive.


1 . A Acne shearling jacket because it’s warm , soft and therefore perfect for New York and Montreal’s below zero temperatures.

2. A Yankees cap because your hair won’t look good if you get rained on and forget to carry a umbrella ( like yours truly)

3.  Alexander Wang sneakers because they are black leather and sleek , so you can prance around the city like a ninja. ( Can be replaced by the Zannoti’s I spoke of)

4. Céline bordeaux perfection because it’s huge so you can fit everything , it’s a dark bordeaux color and it’s Céline , therefore it will possibly make you Tommy Ton’s next street style star. Possibly.

I personally don’t have a super hectic fashion week since I am in school and will be watching the New York shows from the comfort of my bed and handy-dandy but , ideally I would be at the various fashion weeks and wearing the above mentioned pieces.

Happy Tuesday!



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