Matière Noire



Earlier tonight , I went to Arsenal for the Fall/Winter 2013 Montreal Fashion Week as I did last season. I was invited to attend Matière Noire’s presentation , a brand I quickly grew fond of. Cécile Raizonville is the designer to Matière Noire since 2012. The influence the city has had on her designs is quite obvious , the pieces are at once very modern but also influenced strongly by the ease of the Montreal lifestyle. The models , unlike in other shows , sulked slowly around the room in different directions and all the models stayed in the room until the end, which made me feel much more absorbed in what was going on and allowing us to really feel the aesthetic of the brand. The attention to detail and the way it was put together as a concept instead of just models walking down a runway set it apart from the other shows. Overall I was impressed and I can’t wait to see more of this brand in the future.

Above are pictures I took at the show , I will show more of the pieces in clearer images along with my favorites of Montreal Fashion Week , these are only some I edited quickly.


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