jacket-596x494 tumblr_mcgw3f3Bqm1qgx5a3o1_r1_1280 _ON_1258.450x675 DRI_4717.450x675

Currently I have been really gravitating towards thin stripes and tailored pants. I love how effortless the look paired with more casual pieces ( sandals , tank tops , loose shirts) , sort of cuts down the walI-street-banker look. I just recently bought some on ASOS and even if they are wool , I am still wearing them, even when it will be 25 degrees celcius out, although that seems inconcevable since there is literally a slushy blizzard outside. You have probably noticed that complaning about the weather is a recurrent theme on this blog, sorry but I am not done just yet!

Happy Spring break , my last day was today !Later skaters !


images BLK DNM , and style by kling


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