New York , New York






In the midst of a “where is my hairbrush? Where did my slipper-like flats go? Do I really need all my rings?” packing frenzy, I wanted to share with you that tonight, I am off to the land of Alexander Wang and Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a weekend of art galleries , shopping and just enjoying the spring in my favorite city. I just love how vast the city is , how there is always something new to look at ,a new street to walk down a new café to try. There really is not anything that compare’s to the invigorating energy New York has , to me it’s the perfect way to welcome spring. Here are just a few inspiring images to get me in the NY mood.

I will try to update as much as I can this weekend but until then, happy long weekend!


Images via Tumblr and “I woke up wanting to kiss you” by Tracey Emin.


Anja Rubik X Giuseppe Zannoti




I was not surprised when I heard that Anja Rubik was designing a capsule collection for Giuseppe Zannoti since apart from gracing his ads for quite some time now, his strong ,sexy footwear seems to compliment Anja’s sensual style. That noted , this collection seems to be infused with just the right balance of charm and power ,with a tad of eroticism. After all , lace up detailing and gold slinky chains never fail to disappoint.

Anja has always been one of my favorite models , she seems to be very articulate and the fact that she is now branching out of modeling a little with this project as well as her magazine 25 I think is a wise use of the opportunities she has.

Images via Vogue Paris







Sorry I have not been blogging all week , my schedule has been sort of disrupted lately but , I have definitely had time to gather and things will be back to normal here.

Even though, I am not one to wear sparlkes or anything remotely glittery but , a coppery gilded look is so appealing to me .Pairing gold , copper and bronze toned pieces with a more demure look reminds me of something a caracter from a Scott Fitzgerald novel would wear circa 2013. The contrast between grime and opulence creates the most perfect deconstructed glamourous aesthetic.


P.S: I am also seriously considering this velvety lava-like eyeshadow from Armani in Cuivre Noir for archiving Caroline Murphy’s look in french Vogue.

Images Numero Tokyo and Vogue Paris




Zara Lookbook

It’s almost useless for me to be drooling over the spring pieces in the Zara lookbook , especially when they are calling for a snowstorm tomorrow. In the midst of crossing my fingers , I have realized just how right on Zara is this season. Oversized masculine silhouettes? Check. Suits and bralettes , check. Breezy gamine hair, check , check and check!







Images via Zara





“We don’t vogue , we are Vogue” -Linda Evangelista

Linda , Kate , Christie and Naomi. If you could  define a supermodel in four words, those would be it. Recently while watching a Vogue documentary , I re-acknowledged that there is nothing like the supers. There is just something about the walks , their caracters  and the fact that they where all friends that drew people in and still does. The epitome of effortless elegance, they invented the “Model-Off-Duty” and they sort of shaped what I think is a supermodel. They have inspired us for so long and I don’t think their reign is over just yet.


P.S: Images are not mine , just found them on tumblr and such.

Salty Hair don’t care.



Just before I completely forgot what sun actually felt like, spring started to come out of hiding a little bit in this past week .Of course , now that it’s almost ten degrees (so close!)my body is now rejecting winter in every way possible wearing my parka , even if that meant piling a shearling jacket , a hoodie and two scarves.

French Grazia’s latest editorial with Julia Frausche is the perfect summer inspiration to me , because who doesn’t want to be rolling around in the sand and basking in the sun? The styling in these images have everything I like to wear in the summer :net tops ,white pieces and little dresses. Sun soaked skin and carefree attitude , that’s luxury to me.




Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Pretty Pristine.





Sorry I have not been blogging for a while , as you may or may not know , this week was spring break for me , so I took a little time off from blogging and headed up north for a few days. After more spa-going than skiing , I am back to blogging fresh with inspiration. It is starting to seem that I am growing to love jewlery these days , eventhough a minimal look is usually what I prefer. With a bold piece like these earings from parisian joaellier Pristine , all you need is to add simple basics for a perfect , more formal look. Pristine makes beautiful pieces , juxtaposing roughness and glamour in a way that is somehow very attractive to me .

Would you wear both earings at once , or just one à la Pirates of The Carribean?




As you have probably noticed , I am really into sneakers lately . My latest find are the ASOS Domino sneaks , the perfect vintage Nike/Alexander Wang look alike sneakers. I  picture  myself wearing these just a little too much this summer , with anything from jeans to my samouraÏ skirt.  



The real dilemma now is , which color to pick?



Triple Threat: Kate , Lara and Natalia




Covering March’s W magazine are classic beauties Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Natalia Viadonova , proving that the fashion industry’s supermodel trifecta is still going strong. The opulent jewel tones add strength while the flowers and silk make the images softer ,more feminine. Color is not usually my kind of thing , but jewel tones look surprisingly good on lots of skin tones so I may consider after seeing these. These images exude such luxury , from glowing skin to luscious clothes , how could one not be jealous?

Images via W magazine