Pretty Pristine.





Sorry I have not been blogging for a while , as you may or may not know , this week was spring break for me , so I took a little time off from blogging and headed up north for a few days. After more spa-going than skiing , I am back to blogging fresh with inspiration. It is starting to seem that I am growing to love jewlery these days , eventhough a minimal look is usually what I prefer. With a bold piece like these earings from parisian joaellier Pristine , all you need is to add simple basics for a perfect , more formal look. Pristine makes beautiful pieces , juxtaposing roughness and glamour in a way that is somehow very attractive to me .

Would you wear both earings at once , or just one à la Pirates of The Carribean?




  1. how do you get to be affiliated with asos? can i do it to? love your blog, wish i could be as popular as you, keep going (l)

    • Hi Kristina , the email I sent you seems to not be working. Regarding the affiliates, check out the site , that is the site I use . This site gives you access to afiliates like Asos and shopbop. Hope this helps , it would be my pleasure to help you if you have any other questions , just comment or email me !

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