Beach Walk


I am not usually one to change my scent for the season but this bottled up beach from Maison Martin Margiela  might have just convinced me after I smelled it today. The best way I could describe it would be that it’s a combination of all the good summer smells , a touch of sunscreen , sunkissed skin and just the smallest hint of coconut sweetness. Somehow , it almost instantly left me nostalgic for a past beach vacation , that being the point of the Replica line , bringing you back to your favorite memory the way only a certain scent can.

                             Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk –The Bay

Image via Marie-Claire





My ultimate makeup goal last year as to archieve the perfect cat eye and as useless as I am with makeup , I finally got it . But it always looked more fancy,Mad Men than effortless Bardot. So I got over it. Although now , the latest issue of Intermission magazine with Caroline Brasch Nielsen on the cover just convinced me that I should give it another try. This time though , bold, messy and leaving Betty Draper out of this.
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Camisole /H&M


Shoes/ Zara

Sweater/ Foot Locker

Somehow , everytime Maureen and I set up to shoot, it always ends up being really icky , windy and gray out. But as always , it kind of worked in our favor. I insisted on freezing my tush off in a leather strap crepe camisole , my samouraï skirt and near the end I pulled on black sweatshirt because it was indeed freezing. These were taken in Place des Arts , the Montreal equivalent of Lincoln Center in New York. The minimal architecture and sharp angles where one of my favorite places to take pictures ever.

Happy Sunday!


Images by Maureen Rouge 


Silky Summer


My favorite fabric to wear in the summer is silk , or anything resembling it. The lightness is perfect for when the weather heats up , although that does not seem to be happening anytime soon where I am. i just recently got a black silk and thin leather strap camisole and I think it’s one of those pieces I will just wear and wear. Perfect for frolocking around or night ,bonus points if it’s under a suit .

Happy Saturday !




Stumbled upon this perfect little thing browsing on Acne Studios this morning. Acne has so many little leather goods I really would not mind , this clutch is no exeption. For me , the smaller the better, I kind of hate carrying big bags.
Happy Friday !

Clutch in Oxide Black – 270 USD Acne Studio’s

Sunny Julia




Julia Nobis personifies summer in this latest editorial for Russh magazine . Contrasting beautiful gowns and Céline bejeweled sandals with the rustic with desert like set and her very natural beauty. An undone take on the most loved pieces of the season makes for perfect summer inspiration.



Dancing in Numéro


Aymeline Valade almost looks like she’s dancing in these images , the strength in her mouvements make her seem like a poised  ballerina that’s just out of caracter for a second.  The slicked back voluminous hair brings out Aymeline’s bone structure , a more demure take on the wet, slicked back hair I’ve been obssesing about since she walked the Rag and Bone runway with almost -dripping -wet hair. Strong and expressive , a perfect combo like a parisian in New York.


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Images by Richard Bush for Numéro