Heavy Hitter

So yesterday during my boxing class my gloves ripped and while I’m probably just going to sew them back up , I really would not mind these babies from Alexander Wang. By far , my favorite piece in his new objects collection.




“If you can’t be famous , be infamous”


“Come on, let’s go to Paris’. I wanna rob.” Take an extremely mediatised crime , a pair of glittery Louboutins , some egotistical teenagers and there you have the plot to Sofia Coppola’s latest, highly anticipated film , The Bling Ring.

I tend to love her films , always so aesthetically pleasing ,caputuring Los Angeles through a glamorous yet truthful lens , capturing the environment she was raised in the way only a local can.What stuck with me about this film was that the actors embodied the frivolous , foolish and fame obsessed characters perfectly without making them look pathetic, they make you truly understand why they did what they did. Their obsession with celebrity and fame was such an obvious downward spiral , that at the end of the film you just know that they have trapped themselves and yet, four out of five of them don’t seem to mind. If there was ever a statement showing how our culture is so celebrity-minded , this is it. Probably the most remarkable thing about this story is that it happened , adding a decadent real-ness to the film. Like the character Mark says at the end of the film , ” America has this fascination with a Bonnie and Clyde kind of thing” and that is exactly the reason why I felt this film was so interesting. Definitely a go see, if you have not already.
(Quote above taken from the film’s posters and from the film)




When I was in preschool , every morning , my father used to spritz me a little of his Perry Ellis. Now even though that may of left school teachers confused , it confirms that since those days , I have loved the spicy , strong notes in men’s fragrance’s. Mixing men’s and women’s perfumes is something I have always been drawn to , but I do admit I have not the slightest clue how.

On a recent trip to the drugstore ,I’ve rekindled my love for man’s scents by purchasing a bar of Irish Spring. The fresh , minty classic scent is distinctly manly , making it the ideal other half of my new scent combination , Gucci Guilty + Irish Spring. A mixture that made me wonder why the hell I had not done this before. Then I cut to the chase and mixed men’s cologne to women’s perfume and was pleasantly surprised , Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male adding just the right amount of spice to my Guilty.
So , lesson of the day, sneak into your boyfriend/father/brother/cousin/uncle/dog ‘s cologne collection and you may find what you’ve been looking for.

Happy Friday !

Image by Natalie Kucken

A peek of Summer





Last Sunday Maureen and I took a few images to start off the summer right. We just headed outside and soaked up the sun near the pool . On that note , I am wishing you all an exquisite summer filled with as many adventures , mojitos and sunshine possible!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry James

Al images by Maureen Rouge/ maureenrouge.tumblr.com



I’ve added a few new pairs to my shoe collection , most recently a lovely pair of Repetto ballet flats that I by far the most comfortable of the ensemble. Finding a exceptionally crafted ,simple leather flat lately is kind of difficult , but Repetto seems to have it down pat. Just one look at that buttery leather and I was sold.

Repetto Bolchoi in 10 colors

Happy Wednesday!