Fall (sort of)


ImageI had my first sip of pumpkin spice latte today and you know what that means : September is here and crisp , fall days are ahead. Now I know autumn is not quite upon us yet quite upon us yet and to be honest I was completely overheating in the Subway after said latte but , I personally I think Fall is where the real dressing begins, so why not prepare just a little in advance. Here are a few things I love to wear in the Fall and (gasp!) Winter that I know I can’t go wrong with.

1. A pair of not too-high-high-heeled boots : These are the boots I’m wearing everyday , whether I’m in school or for casual events when a change of footwear would just be irritating. Preferably made of a durable and waterproof leather so you can really wear them all the time.

2. Sweaters: Personally , I love hiding in an oversize knit turtle neck but since that’s not always suitable for say ,more social events ( and kinda a little too warm for indoors most of the time) , an extra-thin V-neck cashmere pull-over is always something good to have on hand.

3. A leather jacket: I just purchased a moto jacket from Zara and I plan on wearing it extensively throughout fall and maybe even winter, layering with hoodies and adding chunky black scarves.

4. Wool trousers: Last season I wore these so much the hem is all weird from all the washing and drying, so I plan on getting a new pair. Althought I love jeans , sometimes I just feel more put together in a pair of sleek wool trousers.

Happy Tuesday !