The weather is getting so hot recently , I can’t resist shopping around for bikinis.I have been looking for the perfect neoprene bikini for a while now so when I found this one on australian brand Triangl’s Instagram , I immediately had to check out the rest of their styles. I love a white bikini , I like to keep things simple (black or white) when I’m picking out swimwear but I love all the colors , especially Arizona Sunset which I think would look so good with a tan.
Happy Saturday!

Check out the rest of their styles here!


Made By A Friend Of Mine


I’ve been thinking about this dress by australian brand Made By A Friend Of Mine since last week.The lace up detailing is perfect worn frontwards but also turned around. If one piece leaves me craving summer , this is it.
Paloma dress, made by a friend of mine



Remember when I posted something about a t-shirt brand Conflict of Interest? Well , I still haven’t managed to order one ( I am kind of a online shopping skeptic) but their new collection just may have convinced me to. My favorite is the “Brawlmain”, COI’svdiscreet sense of humor is even more present in the new pieces. So the question remains , to order or not? Hmmm… I’ll get back to you on that.

You can get yours here

Stella McCartney and her BFA

Stella McCarteney tweeted a few hours ago about her recent win of the Designer Of The Year award at the British Fashion Awards. Stella I think was the most relevant british designer this year ( although Sarah Burton could have also taken the prize home). McCarteney is one of my favorite designers , she always presents unique collections that are never over the top and very wearable , unlike Sarah’s designs for McQueen. I can defenetly see why she was the favorite , she’s been dressing fashion and pop culture’s most relevant personalities throughout the year.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces she has created in the past year . Congratulations Stella!




The embassador of british style Kate Moss wearing a Stella mini dress and it-girl Anna Ziourova clad in FW 2012 most coveted dress.




Plaid shirts.

And pants . And jackets. And sheer plaid. So you probably know already from previous posts that I am not a super colorful dresser. Neutrals and shades are kind of my thing. Recently I was browsing on and I kind of re-fell in love with Dries Van Noten’s SS 2012 collection. At first glance I was thinking “no thank you Dries”. But these past weeks of cold weather sort of , well , warmed me up to the idea . Since I am so predictable , I tend to appreiate darker plaids better. For shirts , I need them to be dark and oversize , the plaid shirt from J. Lindberg is exactly what I need. Also , I really like a sheer plaid chemise if I felt a little daring and wanted to wear plaid pants aswell. Having a different texture for one of the pieces of the same print in an outfit is a good way to mix prints without looking overdone.

Plaid power from Dries Van Noten


A perfect oversized plaid shirt from J.Lindberg you can find here


Plaid overload from Zara



All white everything.

I am not a very big fan of color. I know it may not sound very fashion forward or whatever but I usually wear black , white, gray or camel. Sometimes burgundy and forest green but that’s rare. One of my favorite looks for Fall , apart from my usual , black slim jeans and black long sleeve sweater uniform, is all white. Not a trace of color , blending in perfectly with the snow. For some reason this look just seems so perfect right now. So flawless and easy.


The most amazing jacket from Proenza Schouler


A drop waist dress from Sandro , I need to try to replicate this.

A simple suit from Bassike



COS makes perfection. Again.

Its not the first time I peruse the COS site and basically want to buy everything. The best thing about COS is that it’s a perfect balance between quality , price and perfect basics. But lately I have been on the search for perfect cashmere and this fits the bills perfectly . The camel color is so good, even though I was kind of looking for black.


Now , bedtime, all this talk about cozy sweaters is making me feel like curling into bed.

Whyred and other Swedish obsessions

My most recent endeavor in fashion recently is Swedish clothing brands. So maybe it’s not completely recent since I have been loving Swedish blogger Elin Kling’s blog for 2 years but I had not known that here were so many great Swedish brands that fell into the kind of pieces I love : minimalist basics. Brands including Filipa K, HOPE and Whyred create some of the most perfect everyday pieces. I am most impressed right now with Whyred , though , because I just noticed that they have an array of soft , cashmere or wool-blend sweaters that just look so tempting right now since the weather in Monteal is getting colder and colder. And then it happened. I wBlogger’s Wardrobe. Not only do they sell mostly Swedish designer goods but , they have a huge lineup of hand picked bloggers , some of them with amazing minimalist fashion blogs(!). Needless to say , I was exited.

The perfect oversized turtle neck from Whyred , available here

P.s : If you have a minimalist fashion blog let me know in the comments , I would love to check them out.


A fur jacket is the warmest thing one can wear. No doubt about it . I don’t believe in all that “but we need to save the environment by not wearing fur ” blablabla because it simply makes no sense. A fur jacket is , yes, an animal but , it is a material that is recyclable and lasts forever. I’m positive that your faux fur vest made of petro-chemicals is not recyclable and will not last a lifetime , as real fur will. I’m not saying killing animals is worth it. I’m just saying if you eat meat or wear leather there is no difference and my minimal scientific knowledge tell me that non recyclable fabric is much more damaging to the environment than a biodegradable piece of fur. But an environmental debate is not the point of this post but convincing you to look effortlessly chic while wearing fur is. Although fur may make you think of your grandma, there are many ways that you can look past that. I short or down to the knee fur coat or vest is to me a very modern look paired with nice basics and wispy hair. Pull out a Gauloise, kiss people on the cheeks, wear a short fur coat and you are instantly a chic Parisian. And how could you resist when these streetstyle girls look so good wearing it?





Perfect sweaters

I know they are everywhere but when you really want one they are so hard to find. Either they are too poly-blend or leave your hair with static or are just ichy. I think they are just things you asically live in in Fall/Winter. Some nice trousers , a oversized coat and some nice boots and out the door you go . These pieces never really go out of style and if you pick a cashmere sweater thats a tad oversized ( check the mens section!) , it will go a long way . Remember , simplicity is versatility.