Glow Baby Glow : Summer Skincare


Although summer’s not quite here yet for me , I still have three long weeks of finals left (hurray!) , I thought I could get a little head start by showing you a few of my favorite things to get your glow on. First and foremost , always , always ,always put some SPF on. I know it’s been said three million times , but just DO IT! Now that you’ve got that settled , I like to avoid putting tinted moisturizer on in the summer, I try to keep a mostly-clean slate. Brushing a little bit of peachy-pink blush is the pièce de résistance . If all else fails , you can always count on blush. Also ,a little spritz of Evian Brumatiseur feels so envigorating , whether at the beach or in the city. Oils are something I am really fond of and this little Josie Maran Argan Oil is the best I have found, moisturizing skin and hair without a trace of greasy residue.


1. Super City Block by Clinique – blocks out impurities and pollution as well as protecting from the sun. Also , has a little bit of a tint and leaves skin looking perfectly dewy.
2. Nars Orgasm Blush- the cult classic , wakes up the most tired of complexions
3. Evian Brumatiseur -no , it’s not just water ! Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.
4. Josie Maran Argan Oil – Perfect for nourishing hair , skin and even nails.

On that note , I am going to sleep now , maybe I’ll even wake up glowier…


Resolutions: Skincare&such

c8o0qxm4bre08c0rThe second thing I really want to improve in 2013 is wearing less makeup. Since the Holidays are over , it’s not like I have a very valuable reason to wear layers of makeup.I don’t I wear that much , but I hope that one day I will wakeup and not need any concealer or tinted moisturizer. I also have been using Clinique products for a while but , I would love to try skincare products from Brands like Aesop , Kiehls and Nars Skin since I have heard good things about those products. Also , my skin really looks better after a clay mask so I should really do them more often! Below are a the few I would like to try , especially the Monoï oil from Nars because I’ve heard good things about it. For 2013 , it’s glowing bare skin I’m going for.


What are your favorite skin care products?


My face is now ready for winter.

Rare are the times I babble about beauty products. Why? Because I’m a shame to the cosmetics industry.I know pretty much nothing about makeup. But one thing I care about is ,well , skincare. I have been using Clinique products for years but I just became fond of this product this year when my mother gave my her pot of it claiming she hated it. As you can see , this product is not for everyone. It is very moisturising , but yet absorbs into the skin so fast and leaves it super soft. I slather this on before bed and in the morning , and at any other time of day in the winter when my dry skin needs it ( I have a small travel bottle). Don’t use too much though , or your skin may feel a little too moisturised. It’s my way to getting dewy skin , topped with some highligter on the cheekbones.

Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief

Goodnight !