When I was in preschool , every morning , my father used to spritz me a little of his Perry Ellis. Now even though that may of left school teachers confused , it confirms that since those days , I have loved the spicy , strong notes in men’s fragrance’s. Mixing men’s and women’s perfumes is something I have always been drawn to , but I do admit I have not the slightest clue how.

On a recent trip to the drugstore ,I’ve rekindled my love for man’s scents by purchasing a bar of Irish Spring. The fresh , minty classic scent is distinctly manly , making it the ideal other half of my new scent combination , Gucci Guilty + Irish Spring. A mixture that made me wonder why the hell I had not done this before. Then I cut to the chase and mixed men’s cologne to women’s perfume and was pleasantly surprised , Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male adding just the right amount of spice to my Guilty.
So , lesson of the day, sneak into your boyfriend/father/brother/cousin/uncle/dog ‘s cologne collection and you may find what you’ve been looking for.

Happy Friday !

Image by Natalie Kucken




My ultimate makeup goal last year as to archieve the perfect cat eye and as useless as I am with makeup , I finally got it . But it always looked more fancy,Mad Men than effortless Bardot. So I got over it. Although now , the latest issue of Intermission magazine with Caroline Brasch Nielsen on the cover just convinced me that I should give it another try. This time though , bold, messy and leaving Betty Draper out of this.
Images via Models

Beauty at Prada


Sometime’s the best thing about fashion week are the beauty looks. It definitely was the case at Prada ,while the show was amazing , I could not stop looking at Katherine McNeil. Perfect wet-look short hair? Check. Cherry stained lips? Check. I don’t think there is another look  I would rather wear this summer then this wet look, paired with a little dab of lipstain. Easy peasy right?Yes.

Does it show I am really craving sunlight , heat and summer right now?

Get the look with :


Redken’s Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam 

Redken’s Diamond Oil Shatterproof shine


Outlast Lipstain

Hope you try this!



I was so happy a few days ago when I found my old Nars Volga lipstick. I had sort of lost it this summer (shame on me!)but now we are reunited so it’s all good. Volga is that perfect matte darl cherry lipstick that is pretty much everywhere now. Contrary to what you might think ,this is the most versatile lipstick I own because it is so matte. If you tab it on with your finger and add lip balm on top , you get that just bitten , stained look. To get a dark cherry hue , use a lip brush with more product. If you are going to any parties this holiday season I would say pair a dark lip with a little of eye contour with MAC Copperplate matte shadow , curl your lashes (no mascara please) and add a little liquid highlight to the high planes of your face.


My recreation of this look : Lip Nars Volga / MAC Copperplate / Nars Copacabana illuminator

Photo via Vogue Paris November 2012

Happy Sunday!

No mascara no problem

I forgot to wear mascara today. Now , normally this would have not pleased me at all . But then I realized : who cares. It reminded me of Elin Kling’s testimony on Into The Gloss . Elin mentions she prefers to not wear mascara , says it feels more modern and I totally agree. Not just because I agree with everything Elin says but because it does look more modern and much more fresh. Fall being about drama and dark eyes is old news , at least for everyday. Besides , wont it make your mascara feel more special when you go out? Be sure that you have some YSL touche éclat on hand to brighten up your eyes , some highlighter ( I use the L’Oréal one ) for your cheekbones , clear lip balm and most important of all , a eyelash curler. Try it , I promise it will be fresh and easy no matter your eye color.


I’m amazed by the fact that I haven’t written about Mira Duma’s hair

Every time I see a picture of Miroslava Duma’s hair , I just want steal her hair. Always the perfect length , she has a very strait cut , no layers hair do and I must say I love it . When she pulls it back , it looks exquisite. So basically she has amazing style , a beautiful name and gorgeous hair. Jealousy sets in.




It girl : Alia Wang

Alia Wang is possibly the cutest child I have ever seen. Since her uncle Alex is known to all of us as Alexander Wang , her closet is filled with miniature Rocco bags and fresh off the runway frocks.
I will not settle for less than my children dressing like this miniature it girl.




It’s the weekend so , I leave you with the weekend outfit queen.

I’m so glad fashion week is over. It was lovely of course, seeing all the shows on style.com , but it’s hard to keep up especially if you are like me and are just looking at the shows online. The thing is I’m so not in a summery mood and I just can’t get inspired by beautiful fall clothing even if they are well, beautiful. Don’t get me wrong , I love fashion week ,looking at street style photos and wishing I was there to witness another Alexander Wang success but I’m sort of over it today . Trust me though , once the shows in Paris start I’ll love it all over again and pray every night for the fashion god to mercy me and send me to Paris . All that to say , the weekend being here and inviting me to read books , blog and drink tea feels so good. I think in this said blessed weekend , I should wear something like Emmanuelle Alt. Eventhough she is not as adorned with jewels as Anna Dello Russo or as much as a street style star as Miroslava Duma, she’s just so french and nonchalant I can’t resist. Always a perfectly balanced look of windy hair , skin tight pants , pointy pumps and a oversized jacket . Therefore , I’ll be emulating her this weekend.




Dark red

Did you see The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo? Apart from being a great movie (hello Rooney Mara!) it seems to have thoroughly inspired many makeup artist including Pat McGrath who did the makeup on the movie but also the makeup in many fall shows. The lips for fall have darkened and became a oxblood color , borderline plum in some cases. Matte formulas are best but a gloss over it just looks so goodI think it’s absolute perfection paired with a bare face and flawless skin.It is imperative that I try this as soon as it gets a little colder.




From top: Gucci , YSL and Rochas.