I’ve added a few new pairs to my shoe collection , most recently a lovely pair of Repetto ballet flats that I by far the most comfortable of the ensemble. Finding a exceptionally crafted ,simple leather flat lately is kind of difficult , but Repetto seems to have it down pat. Just one look at that buttery leather and I was sold.

Repetto Bolchoi in 10 colors

Happy Wednesday!




I am sort of over the whole Isabel Marant-like sneaker revolution and I am moving on to these Zanotti’s . Apart from being flat and promoting orthopedic health , they get bonus points because they are nude and go with everything. I kind of wish they where suede though , but this leather is more pratical anyway (dirty suede is gross).

Acne Studios Cypress

I have a newfound obssesions for everything swedish. I really wish I could be the  icy stared and porcelained skin girl for Sweden (Think Daphne Groenveld , she has the swedsh look eventhough she is not). With this love for Sweden comes a love fror any swedish designer , such as Hope and Acne Studios. Acne has produced what in my opinion is the perfect Fall boot that will never go out of style . Oxblood if you want to be on trend, black if you want to wear them everyday , white for the peole who live in a non rainy/snowy area (read: not me) and camel for the western girl in us all. The heel looks so comfortable , I can just picture myself walking down some street in Stolkholm wearing Rag and Bone jeans , a Hope sweater and these boots.