Matière Noire : Studio






Yesterday I had the chance to visit Cécile from Matière Noire‘s studio. We talked for about an hour and she showed me the pieces we saw in her show. I quickly noticed the great attention to detail , from isometric pleats to strategically placed zippers. Raw materials contrasting with silk draping make the clothes have a very urban and wearable aesthetic. She also shared with me her mood boards and sketches , what inspires her . She said that she finds a lot of inspiration from the austerity of the amish culture and also , the elements that surround us , which explains the sand pouring procession during her presentation. One of my favorite pieces was a beautiful silk midi-length dress with a cotton miniskirt over it , a great combination of textures. In fact , texture and contrast are probably the words that describe Matière Noire best.

Now , I’m off to a little shoot , I can’t wait to share that with you!


WeeklyWang: I’m so late but , Wang store in Beijing.

Sort of very very late on this ( the opening was in May) , but I just saw the photos of Alexander Wang’s store in Beijing and it’s pretty much everything I would want in a house. The minimalist-luxury design was predictable but I was still impressed by how flawless the space is. From the understated white marble in sharp cuts and plush looking ebony leather couch , it’s not hard to now who’s store it is.




Happy Monday , hope you have more energy than I do … It’s always the same thing for me in Monday’s : too much coffee and no energy.