White Linen


I am currently loving my Piazza Sempione¬† linen shirt , it just makes me want to fast forward into summer so I can pair it with some baggy jean shorts and pumps. The cut is perfectly loose and the strait slit down the neckline shows just a sliver of skin. I can’t wait to show you guys how it will look on but first , the blizzard outside of my window needs to go away. Speaking of summer , I really need to find the perfect loose, just above the knee denim shorts since I am kind of rejecting my short shorts this summer.
Happy Sunday !



Finding your signature scent is hard, but it is one of those things that you just know. . A woman in my opinion should always have a dab of perfume on , even when there is no one around. For me , misting some Gucci Guilty onto my neck and wrists is just as primordial as brushing my teeth. Picking my perfume according to my mood is not my thing , I like to be consistent with my scents. Guilty came out a few years ago, since then I’ve been hooked and I’m almost finished my second bottle. The truth is I would love for a unique Jo Malone cologne with notes of bizarre herbs and fruits to be my perfume but honestly , Guilty smells better. With soft notes of mandarin and and amber , it’s endearing but not overpowering. And since I just saw some rollerballs of this scent at Sephora , it could make for a charming little stocking stuffer.



What do you wear?

Hair calamities.

I don’t know how I have found the time to post right now , I am in the midst of a very busy time at school. But then again it’s not like it has stopped me from posting before. I have sort of been in a hair rut for a while now. It’s just too long , not blond enough , and dry as bone. Not cool. I don’t know what’s happening , it just seems like my argan oil and Klorane lightening shampoo is not doing anything productive lately. So my solution to all of this is : a new hair salon . I pass by NUDA everyday ,so I decided to make a appointment sort of on impulse but by reading the bio on their website , I am thinking this will be exactly what I need. y-3


I will give you guys a little review on Nuda tomorrow after my appointment , now , bedtime !



In the men’s


My venture in the HM’s men’s section today started of by me wanting to check out the new Martin Margiela collection. Kind of disappointed by the collection ( too expensive , none of the thngs I wanted were left,some pieces where dirty) , I headed up the escalator to the mens section. The mens section always gladly surprises me whenever what I’m looking for dosen’t seem to exist in the women’s wear .Slightly oversized black turtlenecks ? Check. Simple black scarves ? Sometimes , the only way to shop for perfect basics in the typical high street stores is heading in to the mens section. It’s kind of my trick to a streamlined and minimalist look. Here is a little list of the things I like to stock up on…

1. T-shirts : long sleeves , short sleeves , v neck , crew neck . Whatever you want , loose fit mandatory.
2. Turtle neck sweaters : For some reason I’m having a really hard time finding a loose fitting and thin black one that’s not too expensive . The men section in H&M had some (!)
3. Scarves ,hats ,gloves : women’s winter accesories are never big enough and have weird pompoms. Men’s on the other hand , do not.
4. Oversize white button downs : Acne makes perfect ones but I can’t justify the price. H&M on the other hand makes some for 20$

Happy shopping!
Photo above from Vogue Paris

Yes I am French

I recently spoke about one of my favorite new designers Yes I am French. I just love the sporty minimalism of her clothes and since she sent me one of her shirts I can assure you that the quality is amazing. The cotton is so soft and well sewn, it’s a nice change for some of the high street stores we are familiar with. I’m so glad we caught the sunset in a schoolyard , the lighting was so perfect. Grey weather is just so appropriate for my fall wardrobe.





T-shirt : Yes I am French Boots: Zara Pants: Zara
All photos by the fabulous Maureen Rouge as per usual.

Happy Friday !