Grey Sunday

Yesterday was a perfect day for just walking around in cozy sweaters and coats . The sky was a perfect match with the historical buildings in Old Montreal. If you are wondering what I am wearing , it’s all Zara , head to toe. Kind of pathetic but I promise I didn’t do purpose.




All the pictures are taken by Maureen Rouge , check out her Tumblr for more of her work . You won’t be disappointed!
Happy Monday!


Put a hat on it …

As much as most of us hate to admit it , the cold weather is coming . I like to endulge in some nice warm pieces before I get to the “it’s so goddamned cold out I don’t want to move” pieces. This though, can easily be stylish in both situations. I was a little hesitant but then I though , hey if Mira and Elin do it , so can I . The best pick for me is a soft slouchy black or oxblood one…




It’s the weekend so , I leave you with the weekend outfit queen.

I’m so glad fashion week is over. It was lovely of course, seeing all the shows on , but it’s hard to keep up especially if you are like me and are just looking at the shows online. The thing is I’m so not in a summery mood and I just can’t get inspired by beautiful fall clothing even if they are well, beautiful. Don’t get me wrong , I love fashion week ,looking at street style photos and wishing I was there to witness another Alexander Wang success but I’m sort of over it today . Trust me though , once the shows in Paris start I’ll love it all over again and pray every night for the fashion god to mercy me and send me to Paris . All that to say , the weekend being here and inviting me to read books , blog and drink tea feels so good. I think in this said blessed weekend , I should wear something like Emmanuelle Alt. Eventhough she is not as adorned with jewels as Anna Dello Russo or as much as a street style star as Miroslava Duma, she’s just so french and nonchalant I can’t resist. Always a perfectly balanced look of windy hair , skin tight pants , pointy pumps and a oversized jacket . Therefore , I’ll be emulating her this weekend.




Montreal fashion week …






A few photos from tonight at Montreal Fashion Week. I took a few pictures of well dressed women but most of them turned out bad except the one of the girl in the red dress. I don’t know of you can tell but she was beautiful , very kind about a 14 year old taking her picture and her dress was structured to perfection. The girl with the circular head piece is a model for Marie Saint-pierre, also a very known designer from Montreal. It was hard to take pictures ,next year I’ll come better equipped for you guys to see why it really was like ! I came to see the Denis Gagnon show , which I will review tomorrow as it was my first real fashion show (!) . I was a lovely experience , I even got my makeup done at the cover girl counter!
Now it is imperative that I sleep , this fashion week thing is exhausting!
p.s : girl in red if you are reading this :thank you !

Céline t-shirt and maybe a DIY coming up soon…

I love everything thing Celine . From the trapeze bags to the chain necklaces I want it all. This piece, is not exeption. The only problem is that it’s a 200$ white t-shirt. But it’s a staple , you may say . Yes and therefore I’m planning to DIY this and show you how as soon as I do . Until then , enjoy this piece that is possibly the chicest t shirt in town.