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A little 90’s without being full-on Clueless , these looks are exactly what I want to wear this Fall.There’s nothing like leather boots , cozy knits, biker jackets and trench coats to get me over end of summer blues.

Images by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot for W Magazine


p.s : I’m baaaaaack


Fall (sort of)


ImageI had my first sip of pumpkin spice latte today and you know what that means : September is here and crisp , fall days are ahead. Now I know autumn is not quite upon us yet quite upon us yet and to be honest I was completely overheating in the Subway after said latte but , I personally I think Fall is where the real dressing begins, so why not prepare just a little in advance. Here are a few things I love to wear in the Fall and (gasp!) Winter that I know I can’t go wrong with.

1. A pair of not too-high-high-heeled boots : These are the boots I’m wearing everyday , whether I’m in school or for casual events when a change of footwear would just be irritating. Preferably made of a durable and waterproof leather so you can really wear them all the time.

2. Sweaters: Personally , I love hiding in an oversize knit turtle neck but since that’s not always suitable for say ,more social events ( and kinda a little too warm for indoors most of the time) , an extra-thin V-neck cashmere pull-over is always something good to have on hand.

3. A leather jacket: I just purchased a moto jacket from Zara and I plan on wearing it extensively throughout fall and maybe even winter, layering with hoodies and adding chunky black scarves.

4. Wool trousers: Last season I wore these so much the hem is all weird from all the washing and drying, so I plan on getting a new pair. Althought I love jeans , sometimes I just feel more put together in a pair of sleek wool trousers.

Happy Tuesday !

“If you can’t be famous , be infamous”


“Come on, let’s go to Paris’. I wanna rob.” Take an extremely mediatised crime , a pair of glittery Louboutins , some egotistical teenagers and there you have the plot to Sofia Coppola’s latest, highly anticipated film , The Bling Ring.

I tend to love her films , always so aesthetically pleasing ,caputuring Los Angeles through a glamorous yet truthful lens , capturing the environment she was raised in the way only a local can.What stuck with me about this film was that the actors embodied the frivolous , foolish and fame obsessed characters perfectly without making them look pathetic, they make you truly understand why they did what they did. Their obsession with celebrity and fame was such an obvious downward spiral , that at the end of the film you just know that they have trapped themselves and yet, four out of five of them don’t seem to mind. If there was ever a statement showing how our culture is so celebrity-minded , this is it. Probably the most remarkable thing about this story is that it happened , adding a decadent real-ness to the film. Like the character Mark says at the end of the film , ” America has this fascination with a Bonnie and Clyde kind of thing” and that is exactly the reason why I felt this film was so interesting. Definitely a go see, if you have not already.
(Quote above taken from the film’s posters and from the film)




Here are a few images that inspire me at the moment , since I am getting my prom dress for next spring custom made and the design-creation-yada- yada-yada process starts in about four weeks. I know it’s very early , but I figured “hey , this is fun , pourquoi pas?” I am thinking a low back  , a little Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface ,in black or ivory. Also , a little Rihanna and glitter never hurt anybody… 





If you did not know already ,I have a thing for nineties supermodels.There is just something hypnotic about Shalom Harlow through the lens of Paolo Roversi that just speaks for itself. The abscence of color makes Shalom look even more stunning than usual , bringing out her peircing eyes and sharp features.

Happy Sunday!




Miscellaneous Wednesday on Friday


Images : Gucci Ad /Plane Window by Ianception/ Lara Bingle/Nobody’s Hero/“The Art Of Beauty” : Frida Aasen for V #79 Fall 2012/Ocean/A note from Gianni Versace/ Tom Ford Forever Love Vogue Paris December 2010

My favorite image of this week’s belated Miscellaneous is the last one from Vogue Paris, featuring Tom Ford’s jewelry collection . The one thing I possibly like more than the images of this editorial is this quote form Tom Ford :

“I am tired of the cult of youth. The cultural rejection of old age, the stigmatization of wrinkles, grey hair, of bodies furrowed by the years. I am fascinated by Diana Vreeland, Georgia O’Keeffe and Louise Bourgeois, women who have let time embrace them without ever cheating. Society today condems this, me, I celebrate it. For this session of fine jewellery, I imagined a man and a woman who had been together for a long time, faithful to each other and always incandescent with desire.”

Women are all beautiful , no matter what age , confidence is the best thing a woman could wear.

On that note , it’s Friday go do something fun.


Marant Mood


This weekend , I found myself in a dressing room with a white crochet bikini, two maxi dresses and three pairs of denim shorts. What was going on? I am usually the most finicky shopper , normally walking out of the shop empty handed. But with summer well on it’s way , I blame this sudden dressing room enthusiasm on the prevalent beautiful weather. Just slipping into a light floor length dress took me right back to Hudson, the small beach town where where I spend most of my summer days , I could almost feel the sun warming my skin and the breeze turning my hair into the most perfectly imperfect mess.

The breezy bohème vibes of Isabel Marant’s spring collection replicated this feeling , making this rainy Tuesday morning even more unbearable than it already is. Although the pieces where similar to all seasons past , the parisian cowboy thematic appearing once again, I still fell in love with almost every effortless piece. Every piece is garnished with gorgeous prints and embellishments , making them casual and unforgettable all at once. If someone can create the ultimate summer wardrobe , it is without a doubt Marant. 





Stripes At The Museum


Linen shirt – Piazza Sempione

Pinstripe trousers- ASOS

Black pumps – Zara

I put on my drama face and headed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts , not only a superb place to pose around while tourists gawk at you uncomfortaly but also , a fine museum, pun intended. I pranced around the marble columns wearing my pin stripe pants from ASOS , which by the way I have been loving recently ,their products have that ideal free shipping/decent quality/good looking balance. I’m planning on living in this soft linen lightness this summer so much in fact that I’ve talked about it before!

Happy weekend , don’t forget to show your mama some love!


Images by Maureen Rouge

White On White


It was a beautiful hot day ,so we decided to shoot a little near McGill University. This is possibly the most comfortable outfit I have shown , and I will probably wear it all summer long . After the seemingly never ending winter , it’s so nice to spend the day just out , enjoying the city and being able to drink iced coffee without freezing my fingers.This little skirt/short from Zara is probably my favorite piece right now , very structured without being overwhelming and too “styled” if ya know what I mean.

Skirt/Short: Zara

T-shirt: George (aka Walmart)

Shoes : ASOS Domino

Photos by Maureen Rouge , as usual.





Just a  little peek at Anja’s S Moda


Just a  little peek at Anja’s S Moda El Pais editorial , my two favorite images actually. I love the fresh , soft and summery vibes these images give off . Anja just looks so elegant at the same time as being  completely disheveled.She looks so calm  I have really been looking to  Anja for hair inspiration lately , she has that short-but-not-too-short goodness I want paired with the perfect shade of sunny blond.

Also , there will be more and more outfit shots of me ,  Maureen and I are trying  to take images at least once a week and putting inspiration together for a baby editorial . Hopefully , the more we shoot , the less akward I get.


See the rest at Models.com 

Cheer, buttercups ! It’s almost Friday!