Heavy Hitter

So yesterday during my boxing class my gloves ripped and while I’m probably just going to sew them back up , I really would not mind these babies from Alexander Wang. By far , my favorite piece in his new objects collection.




Silky Summer


My favorite fabric to wear in the summer is silk , or anything resembling it. The lightness is perfect for when the weather heats up , although that does not seem to be happening anytime soon where I am. i just recently got a black silk and thin leather strap camisole and I think it’s one of those pieces I will just wear and wear. Perfect for frolocking around or night ,bonus points if it’s under a suit .

Happy Saturday !




As you have probably noticed , I am really into sneakers lately . My latest find are the ASOS Domino sneaks , the perfect vintage Nike/Alexander Wang look alike sneakers. I  picture  myself wearing these just a little too much this summer , with anything from jeans to my samouraÏ skirt.  



The real dilemma now is , which color to pick?



Wanglenciaga : a parisian newyorkaise






Alexander Wang’s much anticipated first collection was definitely, worth the wait . Wang’s usual downtown roughness was toned down with the parisian’s brands classicism, upgrading Cristobàl Balenciaga’s familiar rounded theatrical cuts to modern cocoon coats. The cracked marble effect was a recurrent theme , from the runway to most of the pieces. As predicted , the show was in a much more intimate venue and less of a conceptual spectacle then Wang’s usual show , but that only emphasized the simple beauty of the clothes. My favorite pieces where the marble inspired pumps, again a reconstructed classic silhouette .Looks like the edgy urban Wang girl has grown up into a proper( but still effortlessy cool) parisienne.

Images via style.com

Kati in WSJ





The only thing all white right now in Montreal is the weather since the snow has been falling in a way tourists would probably think is romantic for the past 24 hours . But when it’s been snowing since November , it gets sort of irritating when all I want to do is look as clean crisp and summery as Kati Nescher does in these images. I am not always fond of studio pictures because I think they don’t always make the pieces look as good but in this case , I think the all white set makes the clothes look even better. Kati looks so youthful and fresh in these crystal clear images , maybe because apart from wearing Alexander Wang , Comme des Garçons , Balenciaga and Givenchy ( hello , dream team!) , the bleached out color scheme makes her features more prominent. If it wasn’t clear enough , I want white in my wardrobe , not in my weather forecast!
This editorial is definitely going in my inspiration file for Sunday’s shoot with Maureen , more on that later!


Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Leather,Fuzz and such at Alexander Wang



ImageAlexander Wang’s Fall 2013/2014 pieces are exactly what I would wear next winter , or even right now since Montreal is still freezing. As per usual , the collection exuded a coolness only Wang could create. The texture mixing was an obvious theme , alternating between cashmere to fur and to leather. The pieces had a cozier look to them than usual , more relaxed and the edges where softer. The drop-waists where something I was not to sure of in Pre-Fall , but these drop-waists coats appeared to me more of a modern 30’s , Great Gatsby meets downtown 2013 New York. Also , the slicked back pony tails reinforced the fact that I need to try slicking back my hair. So for next Fall, boxier , softer looks than usual at Alexander Wang but still very sharp and modern.

Hope Monday won’t be too rough!


all images via http://www.style.com

Fashion Week Prep: Ideally

I am attending one event in Montreal’s fashion week tomorrow and I’ll tell you guys as soon as possible how it was but until then , I have put together my ideal fashion week survival outfit for those venturing to NYFW or MFW . A perfect mix of cozy , warm and practical without being unattractive.


1 . A Acne shearling jacket because it’s warm , soft and therefore perfect for New York and Montreal’s below zero temperatures.

2. A Yankees cap because your hair won’t look good if you get rained on and forget to carry a umbrella ( like yours truly)

3.  Alexander Wang sneakers because they are black leather and sleek , so you can prance around the city like a ninja. ( Can be replaced by the Zannoti’s I spoke of)

4. Céline bordeaux perfection because it’s huge so you can fit everything , it’s a dark bordeaux color and it’s Céline , therefore it will possibly make you Tommy Ton’s next street style star. Possibly.

I personally don’t have a super hectic fashion week since I am in school and will be watching the New York shows from the comfort of my bed and handy-dandy style.com but , ideally I would be at the various fashion weeks and wearing the above mentioned pieces.

Happy Tuesday!


WeeklyWang: sandals


Eventhough it’s literally -30 outside , I am thinking about summer already. I just can’t wait to walk around my favorite spots in the city without wearing as much layers as an onion. These sandals from Alexander Wang are exactly what I want to be wearing whilst walking around aimlessly in said city. Summer for me can be summed up in one word : casual.


Have a nice weekend , I have some work to do but I’m going to try to relax anyway! You should too.

Lang vs. Wang?

Forgive me for saying this but, I was not impressed with Wang’s Pre-Fall collection. Maybe he was just a little distracted from his new gig at Balenciaga (are you as exited as I am?). I just though it was bleak , something we had seen before . But Helmut Lang on the other hand was one of my favorite Pre-Fall collections. The tailoring is relaxed but polished , not stuffy. The fabrics are black/grey/white , my favorite color scheme and the fading keeps it from looking bleak.My favorite piece is probably the dress with a grey-black dégradé and beautiful draping. I have always thought that back-baring dresses are the epitome of elegance , showing just the necessary amount of skin. Eventhough Wang’s pre-fall was weak , I am sure he has created marvels for the up coming seasons at Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.





P.S : Have you guys been keeping up with the couture shows? I’m kind of behind but I have a few I really want to look at.

Alexander Wang amazes me . Again.




This campaign has reminded me why I chose to call my blog What Would Wang Do , because sometimes I do truly wonder how the hell he does it. Creating perfect collections season after season is tough, but he and his team manage to create pieces to suit so many personalities each time. I think a way to tell a great designer apart from others is to see if the pieces he or she makes can be worn by many different people. Great fashion should adapt itself to the wearer , not the other way around.