Heavy Hitter

So yesterday during my boxing class my gloves ripped and while I’m probably just going to sew them back up , I really would not mind these babies from Alexander Wang. By far , my favorite piece in his new objects collection.







Camisole /H&M


Shoes/ Zara

Sweater/ Foot Locker

Somehow , everytime Maureen and I set up to shoot, it always ends up being really icky , windy and gray out. But as always , it kind of worked in our favor. I insisted on freezing my tush off in a leather strap crepe camisole , my samouraï skirt and near the end I pulled on black sweatshirt because it was indeed freezing. These were taken in Place des Arts , the Montreal equivalent of Lincoln Center in New York. The minimal architecture and sharp angles where one of my favorite places to take pictures ever.

Happy Sunday!


Images by Maureen Rouge 


Pretty Pristine.





Sorry I have not been blogging for a while , as you may or may not know , this week was spring break for me , so I took a little time off from blogging and headed up north for a few days. After more spa-going than skiing , I am back to blogging fresh with inspiration. It is starting to seem that I am growing to love jewlery these days , eventhough a minimal look is usually what I prefer. With a bold piece like these earings from parisian joaellier Pristine , all you need is to add simple basics for a perfect , more formal look. Pristine makes beautiful pieces , juxtaposing roughness and glamour in a way that is somehow very attractive to me .

Would you wear both earings at once , or just one à la Pirates of The Carribean?




Remember when I posted something about a t-shirt brand Conflict of Interest? Well , I still haven’t managed to order one ( I am kind of a online shopping skeptic) but their new collection just may have convinced me to. My favorite is the “Brawlmain”, COI’svdiscreet sense of humor is even more present in the new pieces. So the question remains , to order or not? Hmmm… I’ll get back to you on that.

You can get yours here

Rings (again)


I spoke about my current favorite trend for spring last week , piling simple thick and thin rings on all your fingers but I didn’t show you some of the rings I would do said piling with ,apart from the Balenciaga ones. I am loving Repossi jewlery collection , even though it’s sort of pricy and Margiela pieces have always been favorites. Forget what your mother told you about mixing metals and pair thick sleek rings with thin ones. You could also put one ring on each finger for a more Balenciaga-esque hand. Don’t forget to check out sites like Etsy , you can usually find lovely rings there for less .

1. Repossi black Berbère ring
2. Maison Martin Margiela double rings ( pile them on top of one another or put the smaller one on another finger)
3. RP encore Canary Bone rings


Resolutions : Leather Coat


I have been recently inspired by Moi Minnie, a blog I enjoy reading , to share a few of my new year resolutions. One of the things I would like to do in 2013 is invest in a absolutely perfect matte leather jacket. My personal favorites are from BLK denim , a brand by swedish designer (my obssesion with all things swedish goes on) Johan Lindberg based in New York , they create the most perfect luxury leather jackets. I insist on the matte finish of the leather , any shine kind of annoys me. It kind of amazes me that I don’t own a leather jacket yet but honestly , it’s because genuine leather is expensive and I’m not getting pleather , a leather jacket lasts forever if it’s genuine!

Images Elsa Hosk for BLK denim








Why is it the first time I see Bo Don? I had never heard of her before now but I am glad I did. She reminds me of Rooney Mara in The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo, which was probably my favorite movie of 2012 , since I had read all of Steig Larsson’s novels. Shot by Dancian for Zoo Magazine.

All images via fashion gone rogue


Suit up


You probably know that all black everything is , well , my thing. I have worn a tuxedo in the past , but nothing as modern as this. I like this structured but effortless and less stuffy version from the Zara lookbook. This + a dark cherry lip= sucess . As always , Zara never fails to disappoint.
P.s: Maureen Rouge , the girl who takes the pictures will be posting guest edits in the near future. Mostly editorials and images that inspire her , so keep up with us!



Weekend inspiration: Thin slips


Why is it that as soon as it’s winter , I want thin straps an slip-like dresses? Whatever. I am currently loving black slip dresses paired with thin strapped high heeled sandals , and the short undone hair as per usual. No mascara allowed. Cue the 90’s references.

The two dresses are by Acne and Ann Demeulmeester , respectively.




Now it’s the weekend ! Goodnight


I have been sort of on the lookout for a fur lined leather jacket , or any kind of jacket that is fur lined. I spoke about my love for fur before , I think it is pretty much the warmest thing for our winter’s in Montreal . Although this jacket isn’t exactly winter material , with a big scarf and warm boots , I could definitely deal. In black or crème , this is going strait on my christmas list.


In black or crème , both Iro

Happy Sunday!