A peek of Summer





Last Sunday Maureen and I took a few images to start off the summer right. We just headed outside and soaked up the sun near the pool . On that note , I am wishing you all an exquisite summer filled with as many adventures , mojitos and sunshine possible!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry James

Al images by Maureen Rouge/ maureenrouge.tumblr.com


City Sunshine








The first day of summer break is always so refreshingly unusual . It actually took some time for me to get used to not having to study during my every waking hour. I spent the day in Old Montreal , walking around aimlessly, enjoying my newfound freedom and taking the sun. Ah , summer. This editorial shot by Ward Ewen Rafik for RUSSH magazine reminds me of the sweltering , crowded streets of the city in July, muggy and yet somehow invigorating and exiting. Anaïs is simply beautiful , bare faced her features are even more prominent and lovely. The contrast of the very every-day setting and spring’s greatest pieces creating an ideal understated feeling, even making furry shoes seem completely wearable.

Maureen and I are working on a little series of photos we are shooting Sunday, I can’t wait to share them.

Happy Summer!

Images via http://www.fashiongonerogue.com Anaïs Pouliot shot by Ward Ewan Rafik for Russh Magazine.

Dancing in Numéro


Aymeline Valade almost looks like she’s dancing in these images , the strength in her mouvements make her seem like a poised  ballerina that’s just out of caracter for a second.  The slicked back voluminous hair brings out Aymeline’s bone structure , a more demure take on the wet, slicked back hair I’ve been obssesing about since she walked the Rag and Bone runway with almost -dripping -wet hair. Strong and expressive , a perfect combo like a parisian in New York.


all images http://www.fashiongonerogue.com

Images by Richard Bush for Numéro



Sorry I have not been blogging all week , my schedule has been sort of disrupted lately but , I have definitely had time to gather and things will be back to normal here.

Even though, I am not one to wear sparlkes or anything remotely glittery but , a coppery gilded look is so appealing to me .Pairing gold , copper and bronze toned pieces with a more demure look reminds me of something a caracter from a Scott Fitzgerald novel would wear circa 2013. The contrast between grime and opulence creates the most perfect deconstructed glamourous aesthetic.


P.S: I am also seriously considering this velvety lava-like eyeshadow from Armani in Cuivre Noir for archiving Caroline Murphy’s look in french Vogue.

Images Numero Tokyo and Vogue Paris




Hunter and Gatti and Zhang oh my!





I find the mixing of mediums in these images by Hunter and Gatti quite inspiring , a perfect mixture of abstract art and photography. I love the way the painting does not interfere with the photos and vice versa , they just seem to compliment and complete each other. The contrast between sheerness and opacity is very well done and the way the model’s face sort of peers through the busy painting without swallowing it is beautiful.Juxtaposing abstract painting with fashion is basically the yellow brick road to my heart.

Happy Friday , hope this inspired you for the weekend


Images forFlaunt Magazine , from Fashion Gone Rogue

A Romantic ?

ImageImageImageRomance is everywhere . It’s not the couple making out next to you in the subway , it’s  the way the summer breeze strokes your hair , it’s the smell of fresh flowers and espresso  in the morning , it’s the way you feel whispering in the dark. Romance is a cocktail of bliss and beauty , of softness and love. Valentines’s day to me is a day to live the romance in your life , whether with a lover or alone  , to enjoy the simple little pleasures. However you choose to spend this day , try create or rekindle a love affair with what surrounds you and if you can , make someone else feel romance too. And if all that sounds a little overwhelming , pour yourself a bath , get a copy of Vogue and light a candle.

Whatever you do , enjoy it.


images via http://www.models.com

Kasia in Exit




This editorial by Hugh Lippe for Exit Magazine is one of the best editorials I have seen in a while. The dark , the slicked back hair ,the androgynous styling , every detail about this images are perfect. Kasia Struss is one of the best models in the buisness right now and she has a great off-duty style , simple but not boring. The juxtapostion of smoke , a black-gray scheme and masculine aesthetic creates very strong images . Basically these photos sum up my fantasy wardrobe in a few images.

Happy Friday!


Images via http://www.models.com








Why is it the first time I see Bo Don? I had never heard of her before now but I am glad I did. She reminds me of Rooney Mara in The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo, which was probably my favorite movie of 2012 , since I had read all of Steig Larsson’s novels. Shot by Dancian for Zoo Magazine.

All images via fashion gone rogue


Melissa Tammerijn lensed by Nagi Sakai

Majestic and pure are two words that I feel describe best this editorial shot by Nagi Sakai. Melissa T  is  effortless and elegant , put toghether ,womanly but kind of out of this world with her porcelain skin and sharp features. Something tells me this will be a very head-to-toe white summer…


132770-800w-1 132768-800w-1 132771-800w 132772-800w-1

Melissa Tammerijn for Harpers Bazaar Spain shot by Nagi Sakai.

All images via Models.com

I’m so exited about Christmas! I still have no idea what to wear though…

Happy Holidays!


Meghan Collinson for Russian Vogue

I feel like I have been gone so long , I’m so sorry! I was finishing up my midterms and I had no free time. So , if you can forgive me , here is a editorial for Russian Vogue with Meghan Collinson. This girl is one of my favorite new models, she’s unconventionally beautiful , soft and edgy. The lighting in this shoot makes me swoon , it’s so flattering.




Now , let’s go christmas shopping. I have so many gifts to buy and no time . Yay!