“She got a lot of Prada…”





The latest Prada Fall-Winter campaign is everything fall dressing should be. Layers of thick wool and delicate embroidery make for a lavish winter wardrobe but pairing it with what looks like rain-slicked hair brings it down a notch. Once again, Catherine McNeil serves as perfect hair-inspiration , showing off her perfect chop.

Happy Friday!
Images via Vogue Italia


All white everything.

I am not a very big fan of color. I know it may not sound very fashion forward or whatever but I usually wear black , white, gray or camel. Sometimes burgundy and forest green but that’s rare. One of my favorite looks for Fall , apart from my usual , black slim jeans and black long sleeve sweater uniform, is all white. Not a trace of color , blending in perfectly with the snow. For some reason this look just seems so perfect right now. So flawless and easy.


The most amazing jacket from Proenza Schouler


A drop waist dress from Sandro , I need to try to replicate this.

A simple suit from Bassike



COS makes perfection. Again.

Its not the first time I peruse the COS site and basically want to buy everything. The best thing about COS is that it’s a perfect balance between quality , price and perfect basics. But lately I have been on the search for perfect cashmere and this fits the bills perfectly . The camel color is so good, even though I was kind of looking for black.


Now , bedtime, all this talk about cozy sweaters is making me feel like curling into bed.

Svea Kloosterhof for Used.

Found these photos browsing on fashion gone rogue just now , so glad I just discovered Svea. The light in these pictures is dark but yet so soft and glowy. The lighting also brings out the rich hued pieces in the shoot, it makes monochromatic mustard yellow look demure and wearable. This has absolutely nothing to do with the shoot but I find the model’s name is so beautiful…







All photos via fashion gone rogue
Hope this post put a little inspiration into your weekend

No mascara no problem

I forgot to wear mascara today. Now , normally this would have not pleased me at all . But then I realized : who cares. It reminded me of Elin Kling’s testimony on Into The Gloss . Elin mentions she prefers to not wear mascara , says it feels more modern and I totally agree. Not just because I agree with everything Elin says but because it does look more modern and much more fresh. Fall being about drama and dark eyes is old news , at least for everyday. Besides , wont it make your mascara feel more special when you go out? Be sure that you have some YSL touche éclat on hand to brighten up your eyes , some highlighter ( I use the L’Oréal one ) for your cheekbones , clear lip balm and most important of all , a eyelash curler. Try it , I promise it will be fresh and easy no matter your eye color.


A step away from fashion week : dolce and gabbana ad campaign

This campaign for Dolce and Gabbana is so perfect to me . If you are from an italian family this is so relatable and the girls just look so Italian The styling is great and the pictures look like they are just going to come alive, they are like a mini trip to Italy. Dolce and Gabbana always does it right and makes you want to be in the ad along with Bianca Brandolini, Monica Belluci and Bianca Balti.




My fall Zara wish list

Nobody on this blog knows that I am addicted to Zara. You know in Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly goes to Tiffany’s when she is sad ? Zara is my Tiffany’s. Even with thumping music , it’s a place where I can calm my mind and concentrate on what I really want my style to be and reflect on other things. I literally go once or twice a week , it’s kind of sad but not really. I went today and as usual , i needed everything. Although I did not walk out with a single shoe or trouser I did have a clear wish list in my mind. I really narrowed it down but these are the basics and then we all. Have to pray my birthday money can pay for all of this. Especially the boots , oh lord , the boots.









P.s : I know I totally contradicted myself in this post by showing a gorgeous trench coat when I said I hated trench coats but this one is army green so I need it. Imagine with the boots