X-large fedoras









I haved to say , at the beginning I was not really feeling this look but after this springs Saint-Laurent show , I was completely taken by the X-large fedoras that floated down the runway. There is something truly chic about hiding under a wide brimmed hat , à la Brigitte Bardot ( or Erin Wasson , if you prefer) , whether you are shielding yourself from the rain or sunshine. This fall I would love to soften my quilted motorcycle jacket with a slightly oversized , taupe chapeau.


Top it off





Last year , a guy asked me “do you know what a snap-back is?”and  dumbfounded , I responded that I though it was some kind of back-pack , obviously ignorant when it came to menswear ( P.S : if you have as much knowledge on what snap-backs are as I did at the time , it’s the kind of baseball caps that are flat in the front and have snaps in the back) .But since then I have grown to know what they are and maybe ,just maybe ,wear one , even if I hate they way they make men look .Honestly , I am still repelled by snap-backs on men ,so me doing a post on how I like the way they look on women makes me the biggest hypocrite but , whatever. I am not really keen yet on a full-fledge  super colorful cap , it’s still a little too “swag” for me ( pardon my illeteracy , I don’t really know how else to put it). Maybe it’s my constant constant listening to A$AP Rocky’s new album that’s bringing out my tough side , but I am loving the way a  baseball cap looks . It’s the easiest way I can think of to make an otherwise more formal outfit casual . Perfect for summer when the humidity in Montreal turns my hair into an unruly mess , I can just slick back my hair into one of these and pray to look a little like Caroline Brasch.

Happy Sunday!


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Put a hat on it …

As much as most of us hate to admit it , the cold weather is coming . I like to endulge in some nice warm pieces before I get to the “it’s so goddamned cold out I don’t want to move” pieces. This though, can easily be stylish in both situations. I was a little hesitant but then I though , hey if Mira and Elin do it , so can I . The best pick for me is a soft slouchy black or oxblood one…