Stripes At The Museum


Linen shirt – Piazza Sempione

Pinstripe trousers- ASOS

Black pumps – Zara

I put on my drama face and headed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts , not only a superb place to pose around while tourists gawk at you uncomfortaly but also , a fine museum, pun intended. I pranced around the marble columns wearing my pin stripe pants from ASOS , which by the way I have been loving recently ,their products have that ideal free shipping/decent quality/good looking balance. I’m planning on living in this soft linen lightness this summer so much in fact that I’ve talked about it before!

Happy weekend , don’t forget to show your mama some love!


Images by Maureen Rouge


White On White


It was a beautiful hot day ,so we decided to shoot a little near McGill University. This is possibly the most comfortable outfit I have shown , and I will probably wear it all summer long . After the seemingly never ending winter , it’s so nice to spend the day just out , enjoying the city and being able to drink iced coffee without freezing my fingers.This little skirt/short from Zara is probably my favorite piece right now , very structured without being overwhelming and too “styled” if ya know what I mean.

Skirt/Short: Zara

T-shirt: George (aka Walmart)

Shoes : ASOS Domino

Photos by Maureen Rouge , as usual.





Matière Noire : Studio






Yesterday I had the chance to visit Cécile from Matière Noire‘s studio. We talked for about an hour and she showed me the pieces we saw in her show. I quickly noticed the great attention to detail , from isometric pleats to strategically placed zippers. Raw materials contrasting with silk draping make the clothes have a very urban and wearable aesthetic. She also shared with me her mood boards and sketches , what inspires her . She said that she finds a lot of inspiration from the austerity of the amish culture and also , the elements that surround us , which explains the sand pouring procession during her presentation. One of my favorite pieces was a beautiful silk midi-length dress with a cotton miniskirt over it , a great combination of textures. In fact , texture and contrast are probably the words that describe Matière Noire best.

Now , I’m off to a little shoot , I can’t wait to share that with you!

Matière Noire



Earlier tonight , I went to Arsenal for the Fall/Winter 2013 Montreal Fashion Week as I did last season. I was invited to attend Matière Noire’s presentation , a brand I quickly grew fond of. Cécile Raizonville is the designer to Matière Noire since 2012. The influence the city has had on her designs is quite obvious , the pieces are at once very modern but also influenced strongly by the ease of the Montreal lifestyle. The models , unlike in other shows , sulked slowly around the room in different directions and all the models stayed in the room until the end, which made me feel much more absorbed in what was going on and allowing us to really feel the aesthetic of the brand. The attention to detail and the way it was put together as a concept instead of just models walking down a runway set it apart from the other shows. Overall I was impressed and I can’t wait to see more of this brand in the future.

Above are pictures I took at the show , I will show more of the pieces in clearer images along with my favorites of Montreal Fashion Week , these are only some I edited quickly.


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Yesterday while christmas shopping , I went into one of my favorite stores , M0851. Amongst the warm parkas and little leather wallets , I found this buttery soft hold-all bag. The part that I like the most is the minimal design and authenticity of each piece. The thickness of the leather really makes it sturdy , so it’s a perfect balance of practical and stylish.
Visit the M0851 boutique


Hair Calamities part 2 : Nuda Salon.

autumn_dorianeSo yesterday I talked about how horrible my hair was acting lately.Well , I am going to adress this now , it’s been fixed by the hands of the people from Nuda Salon .  Although I diden’t get any other services done (they offer pedicures , manicures , facials , hair colouring and waxing) , I was  really impressed with my haircut and the way the stylist did it. The environment is relaxing , unlike other stressful hectic salons I have been too .I was left with the exact haircut I wanted ( modern , short and sleek) and that shampoo commercial swish.

Above is a photo from the salon’s owner , Leroy Williams ‘s portfolio.


Grey Sunday

Yesterday was a perfect day for just walking around in cozy sweaters and coats . The sky was a perfect match with the historical buildings in Old Montreal. If you are wondering what I am wearing , it’s all Zara , head to toe. Kind of pathetic but I promise I didn’t do purpose.




All the pictures are taken by Maureen Rouge , check out her Tumblr for more of her work . You won’t be disappointed!
Happy Monday!

MFW: Denis Gagnon

Last night I went to my ” first ” fashion show. “First” because I have been to one before but it was not that great . So I guess I should say this is my first good fashion show. Denis Gagnon to me is one of the best designers in Quebec. He’s talented and always shocks but there is always a wearability to his clothing. He proved his faithfulness to his shocking past and had drag queens wear his pieces. He was in a way faithful to his classic fetish fabric , leather and kept his color scheme strictly to black and white. I liked the minimalist touches but the crazy makeup ( bright sky blue eye shadow up to the brow) and drag queens made everything more Gagnon. The pieces on their own where simple and wearable but with the loud 80’s music and the infamous Mado modeling , it was quite a show.




Montreal fashion week …






A few photos from tonight at Montreal Fashion Week. I took a few pictures of well dressed women but most of them turned out bad except the one of the girl in the red dress. I don’t know of you can tell but she was beautiful , very kind about a 14 year old taking her picture and her dress was structured to perfection. The girl with the circular head piece is a model for Marie Saint-pierre, also a very known designer from Montreal. It was hard to take pictures ,next year I’ll come better equipped for you guys to see why it really was like ! I came to see the Denis Gagnon show , which I will review tomorrow as it was my first real fashion show (!) . I was a lovely experience , I even got my makeup done at the cover girl counter!
Now it is imperative that I sleep , this fashion week thing is exhausting!
p.s : girl in red if you are reading this :thank you !