When I was in preschool , every morning , my father used to spritz me a little of his Perry Ellis. Now even though that may of left school teachers confused , it confirms that since those days , I have loved the spicy , strong notes in men’s fragrance’s. Mixing men’s and women’s perfumes is something I have always been drawn to , but I do admit I have not the slightest clue how.

On a recent trip to the drugstore ,I’ve rekindled my love for man’s scents by purchasing a bar of Irish Spring. The fresh , minty classic scent is distinctly manly , making it the ideal other half of my new scent combination , Gucci Guilty + Irish Spring. A mixture that made me wonder why the hell I had not done this before. Then I cut to the chase and mixed men’s cologne to women’s perfume and was pleasantly surprised , Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male adding just the right amount of spice to my Guilty.
So , lesson of the day, sneak into your boyfriend/father/brother/cousin/uncle/dog ‘s cologne collection and you may find what you’ve been looking for.

Happy Friday !

Image by Natalie Kucken