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It’s that time of the year again.Tis’ the season of hauling enormous September issues to read on the subway , trying on decadently soft camel coats even though the weather won’t be cold enough until November anyway and ingurgitating anything with a hint of pumpkin spice. Ok so maybe I am a tad early , but since we are almost the first of September , I figured I would just elaborate on what I would want to be wearing this fall now. And that’s anything plaid and/or that makes me look anything remotely similar to Daria Werbowy. Although I am not sure if I have one rebellious/cool/Daria fiber in my body , maybe I can scrounge up enough to curate the ideal Saint-Laurent grungy Parisienne aesthetic (maybe). Here’s a little inspiration straight from the good people at French , American , UK Vogue and a little bit of Zara and Saint-Laurent.



Stripes At The Museum


Linen shirt – Piazza Sempione

Pinstripe trousers- ASOS

Black pumps – Zara

I put on my drama face and headed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts , not only a superb place to pose around while tourists gawk at you uncomfortaly but also , a fine museum, pun intended. I pranced around the marble columns wearing my pin stripe pants from ASOS , which by the way I have been loving recently ,their products have that ideal free shipping/decent quality/good looking balance. I’m planning on living in this soft linen lightness this summer so much in fact that I’ve talked about it before!

Happy weekend , don’t forget to show your mama some love!


Images by Maureen Rouge

Salty Hair don’t care.



Just before I completely forgot what sun actually felt like, spring started to come out of hiding a little bit in this past week .Of course , now that it’s almost ten degrees (so close!)my body is now rejecting winter in every way possible wearing my parka , even if that meant piling a shearling jacket , a hoodie and two scarves.

French Grazia’s latest editorial with Julia Frausche is the perfect summer inspiration to me , because who doesn’t want to be rolling around in the sand and basking in the sun? The styling in these images have everything I like to wear in the summer :net tops ,white pieces and little dresses. Sun soaked skin and carefree attitude , that’s luxury to me.




Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.


jacket-596x494 tumblr_mcgw3f3Bqm1qgx5a3o1_r1_1280 _ON_1258.450x675 DRI_4717.450x675

Currently I have been really gravitating towards thin stripes and tailored pants. I love how effortless the look paired with more casual pieces ( sandals , tank tops , loose shirts) , sort of cuts down the walI-street-banker look. I just recently bought some on ASOS and even if they are wool , I am still wearing them, even when it will be 25 degrees celcius out, although that seems inconcevable since there is literally a slushy blizzard outside. You have probably noticed that complaning about the weather is a recurrent theme on this blog, sorry but I am not done just yet!

Happy Spring break , my last day was today !Later skaters !


images BLK DNM , style.com and style by kling

New pieces: ASOS&rings


// Sleek gold rings :ASOS //

About two weeks ago I was browsing on one of my favorite inexpensive shopping websites, ASOS and I came across the perfect cheap dupes for Balenciaga’s ring-on-every-finger look from Ghesquière’s last collection at the french fashion house. I am not sure how long hey will last , certainly not as long as the real one’s but for the price-quality ratio , these are pretty damn fine. I like to pair them with some of my own rings , one that is supposed to look like a Cartier clou I got as a gift and another my mother lent me ( sort of a permanent loan though) .

Happy Saturday!

Top it off





Last year , a guy asked me “do you know what a snap-back is?”and  dumbfounded , I responded that I though it was some kind of back-pack , obviously ignorant when it came to menswear ( P.S : if you have as much knowledge on what snap-backs are as I did at the time , it’s the kind of baseball caps that are flat in the front and have snaps in the back) .But since then I have grown to know what they are and maybe ,just maybe ,wear one , even if I hate they way they make men look .Honestly , I am still repelled by snap-backs on men ,so me doing a post on how I like the way they look on women makes me the biggest hypocrite but , whatever. I am not really keen yet on a full-fledge  super colorful cap , it’s still a little too “swag” for me ( pardon my illeteracy , I don’t really know how else to put it). Maybe it’s my constant constant listening to A$AP Rocky’s new album that’s bringing out my tough side , but I am loving the way a  baseball cap looks . It’s the easiest way I can think of to make an otherwise more formal outfit casual . Perfect for summer when the humidity in Montreal turns my hair into an unruly mess , I can just slick back my hair into one of these and pray to look a little like Caroline Brasch.

Happy Sunday!


Images via http://www.style.com




WeeklyWang: sandals


Eventhough it’s literally -30 outside , I am thinking about summer already. I just can’t wait to walk around my favorite spots in the city without wearing as much layers as an onion. These sandals from Alexander Wang are exactly what I want to be wearing whilst walking around aimlessly in said city. Summer for me can be summed up in one word : casual.


Have a nice weekend , I have some work to do but I’m going to try to relax anyway! You should too.

Alexander Wang amazes me . Again.




This campaign has reminded me why I chose to call my blog What Would Wang Do , because sometimes I do truly wonder how the hell he does it. Creating perfect collections season after season is tough, but he and his team manage to create pieces to suit so many personalities each time. I think a way to tell a great designer apart from others is to see if the pieces he or she makes can be worn by many different people. Great fashion should adapt itself to the wearer , not the other way around.