Miscellaneous Wednesday : Beachy Keen

As you may or may not know , today is Wednesday and therefore , I’ve got some new miscellaneous images from you. As you may be able to tell , I really want the summertime to come quick .With less than a month of school left I can’t help wanting ice cream, a tan , wearing short shorts and just enjoying every moment of blissful weather.










All images are not mine , you can find them all on my Tumblr which is where I got them and the sources are on there .

Happy Wednesday!


Stripes At The Museum


Linen shirt – Piazza Sempione

Pinstripe trousers- ASOS

Black pumps – Zara

I put on my drama face and headed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts , not only a superb place to pose around while tourists gawk at you uncomfortaly but also , a fine museum, pun intended. I pranced around the marble columns wearing my pin stripe pants from ASOS , which by the way I have been loving recently ,their products have that ideal free shipping/decent quality/good looking balance. I’m planning on living in this soft linen lightness this summer so much in fact that I’ve talked about it before!

Happy weekend , don’t forget to show your mama some love!


Images by Maureen Rouge



As you have probably noticed , I am really into sneakers lately . My latest find are the ASOS Domino sneaks , the perfect vintage Nike/Alexander Wang look alike sneakers. I  picture  myself wearing these just a little too much this summer , with anything from jeans to my samouraÏ skirt.  



The real dilemma now is , which color to pick?



Alexander Wang amazes me . Again.




This campaign has reminded me why I chose to call my blog What Would Wang Do , because sometimes I do truly wonder how the hell he does it. Creating perfect collections season after season is tough, but he and his team manage to create pieces to suit so many personalities each time. I think a way to tell a great designer apart from others is to see if the pieces he or she makes can be worn by many different people. Great fashion should adapt itself to the wearer , not the other way around.


It’s that time of year again: Spring Summer 2013 campaigns.



I have not seen all of the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign’s yet (still anxiously awaiting Alexander Wang’s) but so far , this one shot by Steven Miesel for Balenciaga tops my list. Balenciaga was one of my favorite collections for Spring so I really would not mind dressing like the lovechild of the Wang and Balenciaga collections. Laid back but elegance indeed.

Images via Models.com


Svea Kloosterhof for Used.

Found these photos browsing on fashion gone rogue just now , so glad I just discovered Svea. The light in these pictures is dark but yet so soft and glowy. The lighting also brings out the rich hued pieces in the shoot, it makes monochromatic mustard yellow look demure and wearable. This has absolutely nothing to do with the shoot but I find the model’s name is so beautiful…







All photos via fashion gone rogue
Hope this post put a little inspiration into your weekend

WeeklyWang : pelican bag

My newest craving is the Pelican bag from Wang . Simplicity at its best best best don’t you think ? Would go so good with a thin cashmere sweater which is what I am currently searching for without success. I think this bag is so much more of a investment than the Rocco bag (studs will go out of style, sorry hipsters) , especially if you get the big size. It’s definitely others with a Celine trapeze in my favorite bag category.


Discovery : Paolo Coppolella

I just keep discovering new designers these days on Young Republic . One of these designers is Paolo Coppolella. The first thing I love about his most recent collection is the black and white theme. In minimalist cuts ,it look minimalist and chic . The color scheme really pleases me since I am not one to wear tremendous amounts of color anytime of the year .The thing is , you could buy pieces this fall but wear them totally differently in the spring and they would still look good. You could also wear them day or night . This collection is a obvious ode to the fact that minimalism means versatility.





If you would like to check out the fashion video that goes with this collection here it is

All the pieces are available here

Good night!

Discovery: YES I AM FRENCH

A little while ago , I discovered this site called Young Republic. Young Republic is a internet marketplace where you can find and purchase young designer’s work . Through this site , I discovered a brand with so much potential and that had very unique pieces , YES I AM FRENCH . The YES I AM FRENCH look has a very sporty aspect to it ,very minimalist and strait lines. Just the kind of thing a Wang girl like me loves. The best thing about this website , after discovering great designers like YES I AM FRENCH ,is that you get to support a growing business and get to wear unique pieces. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection.





The pictures above are taken by Inki Kang
If you would like to check out all the pieces from the collection : YES I AM FRENCH

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this post , I posted about this designer because I admire her work.
Now , bedtime . Goodnight!