Stripes At The Museum


Linen shirt – Piazza Sempione

Pinstripe trousers- ASOS

Black pumps – Zara

I put on my drama face and headed to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts , not only a superb place to pose around while tourists gawk at you uncomfortaly but also , a fine museum, pun intended. I pranced around the marble columns wearing my pin stripe pants from ASOS , which by the way I have been loving recently ,their products have that ideal free shipping/decent quality/good looking balance. I’m planning on living in this soft linen lightness this summer so much in fact that I’ve talked about it before!

Happy weekend , don’t forget to show your mama some love!


Images by Maureen Rouge




The weather is getting so hot recently , I can’t resist shopping around for bikinis.I have been looking for the perfect neoprene bikini for a while now so when I found this one on australian brand Triangl’s Instagram , I immediately had to check out the rest of their styles. I love a white bikini , I like to keep things simple (black or white) when I’m picking out swimwear but I love all the colors , especially Arizona Sunset which I think would look so good with a tan.
Happy Saturday!

Check out the rest of their styles here!

White On White


It was a beautiful hot day ,so we decided to shoot a little near McGill University. This is possibly the most comfortable outfit I have shown , and I will probably wear it all summer long . After the seemingly never ending winter , it’s so nice to spend the day just out , enjoying the city and being able to drink iced coffee without freezing my fingers.This little skirt/short from Zara is probably my favorite piece right now , very structured without being overwhelming and too “styled” if ya know what I mean.

Skirt/Short: Zara

T-shirt: George (aka Walmart)

Shoes : ASOS Domino

Photos by Maureen Rouge , as usual.





Kati in WSJ





The only thing all white right now in Montreal is the weather since the snow has been falling in a way tourists would probably think is romantic for the past 24 hours . But when it’s been snowing since November , it gets sort of irritating when all I want to do is look as clean crisp and summery as Kati Nescher does in these images. I am not always fond of studio pictures because I think they don’t always make the pieces look as good but in this case , I think the all white set makes the clothes look even better. Kati looks so youthful and fresh in these crystal clear images , maybe because apart from wearing Alexander Wang , Comme des Garçons , Balenciaga and Givenchy ( hello , dream team!) , the bleached out color scheme makes her features more prominent. If it wasn’t clear enough , I want white in my wardrobe , not in my weather forecast!
This editorial is definitely going in my inspiration file for Sunday’s shoot with Maureen , more on that later!


Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

White Linen


I am currently loving my Piazza Sempione  linen shirt , it just makes me want to fast forward into summer so I can pair it with some baggy jean shorts and pumps. The cut is perfectly loose and the strait slit down the neckline shows just a sliver of skin. I can’t wait to show you guys how it will look on but first , the blizzard outside of my window needs to go away. Speaking of summer , I really need to find the perfect loose, just above the knee denim shorts since I am kind of rejecting my short shorts this summer.
Happy Sunday !








Why is it the first time I see Bo Don? I had never heard of her before now but I am glad I did. She reminds me of Rooney Mara in The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo, which was probably my favorite movie of 2012 , since I had read all of Steig Larsson’s novels. Shot by Dancian for Zoo Magazine.

All images via fashion gone rogue


All white everything.

I am not a very big fan of color. I know it may not sound very fashion forward or whatever but I usually wear black , white, gray or camel. Sometimes burgundy and forest green but that’s rare. One of my favorite looks for Fall , apart from my usual , black slim jeans and black long sleeve sweater uniform, is all white. Not a trace of color , blending in perfectly with the snow. For some reason this look just seems so perfect right now. So flawless and easy.


The most amazing jacket from Proenza Schouler


A drop waist dress from Sandro , I need to try to replicate this.

A simple suit from Bassike



Discovery : Paolo Coppolella

I just keep discovering new designers these days on Young Republic . One of these designers is Paolo Coppolella. The first thing I love about his most recent collection is the black and white theme. In minimalist cuts ,it look minimalist and chic . The color scheme really pleases me since I am not one to wear tremendous amounts of color anytime of the year .The thing is , you could buy pieces this fall but wear them totally differently in the spring and they would still look good. You could also wear them day or night . This collection is a obvious ode to the fact that minimalism means versatility.





If you would like to check out the fashion video that goes with this collection here it is

All the pieces are available here

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