“She got a lot of Prada…”





The latest Prada Fall-Winter campaign is everything fall dressing should be. Layers of thick wool and delicate embroidery make for a lavish winter wardrobe but pairing it with what looks like rain-slicked hair brings it down a notch. Once again, Catherine McNeil serves as perfect hair-inspiration , showing off her perfect chop.

Happy Friday!
Images via Vogue Italia


My face is now ready for winter.

Rare are the times I babble about beauty products. Why? Because I’m a shame to the cosmetics industry.I know pretty much nothing about makeup. But one thing I care about is ,well , skincare. I have been using Clinique products for years but I just became fond of this product this year when my mother gave my her pot of it claiming she hated it. As you can see , this product is not for everyone. It is very moisturising , but yet absorbs into the skin so fast and leaves it super soft. I slather this on before bed and in the morning , and at any other time of day in the winter when my dry skin needs it ( I have a small travel bottle). Don’t use too much though , or your skin may feel a little too moisturised. It’s my way to getting dewy skin , topped with some highligter on the cheekbones.

Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief

Goodnight !

Put a hat on it …

As much as most of us hate to admit it , the cold weather is coming . I like to endulge in some nice warm pieces before I get to the “it’s so goddamned cold out I don’t want to move” pieces. This though, can easily be stylish in both situations. I was a little hesitant but then I though , hey if Mira and Elin do it , so can I . The best pick for me is a soft slouchy black or oxblood one…